What happens if I take the Covid vaccine?

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Currently, millions of doses are administered worldwide, and the Covid-19 vaccine, its side effects, and its efficacy are the main topics of conversation.

As health professionals continue to encourage vaccination, fake cures, myths, and fake news about potentially deadly viruses have been uncovered many times.

Vaccines have even evoked the following epic, seemingly unworldly theories: Bill Gates uses it to control the world..

But today we have reached one of the weirdest suggestions of all. What happens when a person takes the Covid-19 vaccine?

Scientist Dr. Karl Kruszernikki has shown what happens when a person drinks liquid instead of injecting it into his arm.

Hope this isn’t a big spoiler for anyone who was actually considering it, as it would be a valuable waste of money.

Dr. Krszernikki, who appeared at the Triple M Danny Lakey Show in Australia, was asked what would happen if he took the vaccine and what it would taste like.

Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki has been working to provide people with information about Covid-19 (Photo: WireImage).
AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine Bottle – Not Drinkable (Photo: Reuters)

A 73-year-old doctor, called a “People’s Scientist,” said: “Vaccines are optimized to work by injecting small doses into the muscle, where things happen.

“It’s not very high in vitamins, less than a mil, so on average you can swallow it in your mouth and don’t worry. It falls into the esophagus, so you don’t have to worry.

“In the stomach, extreme acidity destroys it and can destroy it.”

Not only does it not transform into Spider-Man, Dr. Krszernikki added that the taste depends on the individual jab, as there are so many.

He pointed out that while some vaccines, including polio, are swallowed, the medical industry is moving towards vaccines that are given via spray.

He added: “We are now moving to a vaccine that works in the lungs, which is central to all behavior.”

After a beloved scientist took him to TikTok to share an important message about the risk of dying from the Covid-19 vaccine compared to the disease itself.

“One in a million people has a chance of dying from the AstraZeneca vaccine,” said an expert.

Although the vaccine is associated with a very rare blood clot, Dr. Karl said the risk of dying in a car accident is still much higher, with 40 out of 1 million people dying.

Vaccine-related blood clots remain very rare, according to government-sponsored UK Research and Innovation, but the risk to people immediately after the first dose of the AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine appears to be high.

So far, about 10 people develop this condition for every 1 million doses of AZ vaccine given. This corresponds to 0.000001%.

In August, even reported that scientists are leading the study of rare blood clots. They say they haven’t seen a new case of a potentially fatal syndrome in a month.

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What happens if I take the Covid vaccine?

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