What does Eric Clapton say in his “abuse”?

Known as one of the most influential guitarists in history, Eric Clapton gained fame in the 1960s.

Clapton is known for causing controversy among his fans and making outward political statements.


Eric Clapton gained fame in the 1960s

What does Eric Clapton say about Covid-19 in his “abuse”?

according to Washington postClapton’s reaction to the coronavirus pandemic didn’t work for his friends and fans.

“The moment I started saying something about the blockade, I was labeled as a Trump supporter in the United States,” he said.

Clapton added that he tried to contact his friend, but no one responded.

“My phone doesn’t ring very much. I don’t receive that much text or email anymore,” he said.

“It’s pretty noticeable.”

In August 2021, Clapton announced a critique of the pandemic with a song titled “This Has Gotta Stop.”

He was vaccinated against Covid-19, Eric Clapton has since talked about vaccines And how he regrets receiving it.

According to Rolling Stone, Clapton claimed in a letter to his friend Robin Monotti Graziaday that he had a “disastrous” reaction to his Covid-19 vaccination.

Clapton was vaccinated against AstraZeneca in February 2021. This reportedly made Clapton afraid to “never play again.”

“I took the first jab in Arizona, and soon there was a terrible reaction that lasted 10 days,” Clapton said in a letter.

After receiving the second dose of the shot, Clapton added, “The reaction was disastrous, my hands and feet were frozen, numb, and burning, and it was of little use for two weeks.” rice field.

Rockstar later claimed that he “shouldn’t have gone near the needle,” but “promotion” said the vaccine was safe.

What else did Eric Clapton say in his “abuse”?

At a show in Birmingham, England in 1976, Eric Clapton reportedly told concert attendees to help Enoch Powell.

Powell is known to be an anti-immigrant and even made a speech in 1968 condemning immigrants on the economic and social issues of Britain at the time.

In 2020, Clapton and Van Morrison released an anti-blockade single titled Stand and Deliver.

Following the release of his song, British actress and presenter Jameela Jamil used her Twitter account to remind fans and social media users of when. Clapton is said to have asked a “foreigner” to leave his show..

According to a screenshot shared by Jamil, “not only leaving the hall, but leaving our country … I don’t want you here, in the room, or in my country,” he said in a speech at the time. ing.

He also added that England is a “white country” created for “whites”.

Clapton reportedly showed support for Powell again in 2007, denying that politicians were racists.

In a 2018 documentary about his life, Clapton apologized for his comments and described himself as a “troublesome person” who was a “full-tilt racist.”

He was reportedly fighting drug and alcoholism at the time, but was calm for over 30 years.

Who is Eric Clapton?



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What does Eric Clapton say in his “abuse”?

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