What does Demi Lovato’s song “California Sover” mean?

Demi Lovato, who is synonymous with them / theirs, became “California’s sober” in December after saying that dealing with addiction wasn’t a panacea.

Since then, they say the “California Sober” approach doesn’t work, even though they released a song of the same name in early 2021.


Demi Lovato becomes “sober in California” and then “sober”

What is Demi Lovato’s song “California Sover”?

Demi Lovato talked about the reasons for lifestyle changes in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning earlier this year.

After six years of calm, the pop singer said it would be too difficult to follow and would instead choose to eliminate only life-threatening drugs.

At the time, Demi said he only participated in marijuana use and casual drinking, causing anger from other celebrities recovering from drug and alcoholism.

“I learned that it wouldn’t work to say I wouldn’t do this again,” Demi said in their documentary, “Dancing with the Devil.” They added, “I ended up with what I was trying to kill them.”

The ideology of going to “California Sober” was born after Demi received an almost deadly overdose from fentanyl in 2018, but they said, “Recovery is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Not ready. But you shouldn’t be forced to stay calm.

“You shouldn’t be calm for others. You have to do it yourself.”

Is Demi Lovato still “California sober”?

After delving into a new approach earlier this year and moving to “California Sober,” Demi said he was no longer adopting that approach.

In an Instagram article posted by Demi on December 4, “California’s sober” method is no longer supported. The sober and sober method is the only way. “

When Demi first unveiled a new “California Sover” approach to addiction, Sir Elton John, along with other prominent celebrities, said “moderation doesn’t work.”

Elton, who has experienced the fight against drugs and alcoholism, said, “Drink and drink more. Take one pill and take another. Do either or you don’t.”

After posting on Instagram, Demi hasn’t published any further information or reasons behind a cool approach to alcoholism and drug addiction.

Demi Lovato suffered from drug overdose after a recurrence in 2018


Demi Lovato suffered from drug overdose after a recurrence in 2018Credit: Getty

How cool was Demi Lovato?

Demi Lovato worked to increase drinking with the help of substance abuse in 2010, but after six years of stint, they recurred.

In July 2018, Demi suffered from overdose and shared a story in a documentary. It started one night when Demi said he had a glass of red wine and within 30 minutes asked someone for a drug.

They were drugs that were previously unknown to them and that they had never tried. Demi said the drug contained methamphetamine, including molly, marijuana, alcohol, and oxycontin, all of which he tried.

When Demi asked the dealer if he had cocaine, he said no to them, but he said he had heroin and crack cocaine.

This led Demi to use heroin for recreation, but on July 24, 2018, Demi almost killed them.

Heroin is said to be contaminated with fentanyl, and when EMT arrived at Demi’s house, they administered Nalcan.

After Demi was taken to the hospital, they suffered three strokes and a heart attack.

This experience has led Demi to return to rehab for help. According to the Instagram story, they were once again sober and are now on their way to becoming “sober” until the beginning of the year when Demi said they had turned into “California sober.”

Demi Lovato was branded “very aggressive” by Vanderpump Rules.

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What does Demi Lovato’s song “California Sover” mean?

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