What did Nick Cannon say about his son Zen’s death?

Nick Cannon is known as a television personality and comedian who hosts his own talk show.

On Tuesday, December 7, 2021, Canon has a five-month-old son, Zen. Died of a brain tumor..


Nick Cannon reveals the death of his five-month-old son in his talk showCredit: Fox

What did Nick Cannon say about his son Zen’s death?

In an episode on Tuesday morning at the Nick Cannon show, the 41-year-old explained to the audience that his baby son, Zen, died on the weekend.

“On the weekend, I lost my youngest child in a condition called hydrocephalus … a brain tumor,” Cannon said at his show.

“It’s hard, and there’s a therapist here to help us through it.”

“We had to spend a weekend with him. I told him I wanted to go to the water and the sea,” he continued.

“I didn’t know what to do today, but I wanted to be sad with my family and loved ones.

“I felt like growing through it. I believe in the Lord and in God.”

“We had hope. He was playing with his brothers and sisters,” Cannon said of Zen. “I accepted every moment.”

Canon continued to admire Zen’s mother, the model Alyssa Scott, Because of her strength during the hardships of the family.

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He said Scott was the “strongest female” [he’s] I saw it through everything. “

“We must thank the whole family, especially Alyssa,” he added, thanking everyone who gathered during this difficult time.

“I feel it. I’m vulnerable. I’m open. But I’m going to get it done,” he concludes.

“And this is a special show dedicated to my beautiful son Zen.”

What happened to Nick Cannon’s son Zen?

Canon is his son, Zen Diagnosed as a brain tumor Only 2 months old.

His parents believed that the child had sinus problems because his head was swollen.

When they took him to the doctor, they found that fluid had accumulated in his brain, a condition known as hydrocephalus.

Doctors soon discovered that he had a malignant brain tumor that required surgery, and a shunt was placed to help drain fluid.

Before and after Thanksgiving in 2021, Zen’s condition deteriorated.

“Tumors began to grow much faster,” Cannon said in his show.

He added that he took the baby to the beach the weekend before he died and spent as much time with Zen as possible.

The family spent time with Baby Zen on the beach before he died


The family spent time with Baby Zen on the beach before he diedCredit: YouTube

How many children does Nick Cannon have?

Zen mark Canon’s seventh child..Canon Mother of four different babies, And remain active in each of his children’s lives.

Scott Monroe and Morocco, 10, are dizygotic twins born from the marriage of Canon and singer Mariah Carey.

The twins were born in April 2011.

Nick’s second son, the Golden “Sagon” 4, was born in February 2017 as a model. Brittany Bell..

In December 2020, Nick and Brittany welcomed their second child, the Powerful Queen.

Canon welcomed the second set of twins, Zion and Zillion, June 14, 2021, with DJ Abbey de la Rosa..

Zen was born on June 23, 2021 to model Alyssa Scott.

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What did Nick Cannon say about his son Zen’s death?

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