What did Lockdown 3 teach me?The internet really needs to enhance its game | internet

I I have nothing left to tell my friends. This is a long-standing symptom of the third blockade, and I think its boredom blends into the horizon like a blur.Unlike the inevitable boredom of blockades (a kind of novel boredom: everyone found how comfortable it was without two hours of commuting every day; a strange kind of community feeling was born. Bake banana bread And the same boring Thursday night applause together) and two (same but different: jigsaw puzzles weren’t so much fun if you tasted the sweet taste of pubs and garden centers), the third blockade The inevitable boredom is a significantly different texture to it. It’s denser, spongy, greyish, irritating and boring … nothing.

Yes, there are some optimistic views – all texts from seniors and people with asthma They have a vaccineThe distant promise that the real world will come back takes a tentatively solid step towards us – but whatsApp groups that usually crackle when they are anxious for human contact. It’s hard to remember when you realize that your chat is as dead as a bunter, “Lady: Did anyone get a good recipe for soup?”

Beyond those who are still at the forefront of gigging and juggling childcare (boring, of course, getting bored is an almost unimaginable luxury), we all see them trapped in the house. I think there is a problem with the broad identity of being the same Bridgerton episodePlay the same loop game on Fifa and relive the same habit of Zoom calling (my move is to connect the video, but no audio, so when I look into the phone, everyone in the call Find a sound setting that will be a shocking angle to my face – 11 months have passed, but I can’t do it for the first time yet). This malaise can have all sorts of causes, including government, new coronaviruses, ourselves, etc., but for now I would like to choose only one internet.

It’s useless when we’re back in the online world more than before (we’re already pretty online, and the only thing we do from it-and the only way to do a lot of work-absolutely constantly online After all, it turns out that the internet is pretty shallow.As journalist Vincent Bevins said, the internet is simply Doesn’t work anymore.. There are about 5 websites currently in progress. We are trapped in the real world, and we are also trapped in the digital world.

A vibrant Web 1.0 boom in the late 1990s and early 2000s – 8 pages Geocities web page Dedicated to people’s dogs, Star wars kid A 45-minute load remix video, a junky Flash game that tried to drop George W. Bush into a dunk tank, was replaced by the sparkling monolith of social media, Anodine Antiweb. We should all be in a VR megaworld like Tron now, flying around and talking about philosophy in AI. at least, hacker One is to constantly define and redefine society based on the users who can download the most data to floppy disks via payphones. But in reality, the main thing people do is log on and choose between two blue websites to become a racist. As we dreamed of at the turn of the millennium, we are not “surfing” the technicolor “information superhighway.” We’re crazy about gutters, check our emails and then go to Facebook. This is a $ 1 billion website that just displays photos of college acquaintances I don’t remember meeting and a portal to discuss how to discuss with neighbors. There is a lot of dog mess in your city.

This can be seen in some recent meme life cycles. These memes are still moving around today in the fair and just world of the Internet. Weekend video clip Bounces dizzyingly through the mirror hole (meme exposure less than 36 hours).Notorious Jackie Weaver Zoom Call (24-hour flat); Lawyer who became a cat (18 years old, recommended). All of this definitely burned brighter than if I could get out and escape (“Yes, he’s a cat. It’s funny … Come on”-I, in another reality, d is the past. I was on vacation for 12 months), and crashed into the sea at a faster rate. My theory is that they have nothing to say to each other. One of the only ways we can communicate is to reach out beyond the infinite gray boring space and send the same viral clip to a friend (final message: “I have a good soup”. “?” – (I saw it four days ago) and saying something glittering and conversational like “funny”. This boredom is imminent and huge and inclusive. What we can do is send each other an Instagram screenshot of the tweet we saw and an archive clip of The Weakest Link we saw 10 years ago.

Once this is all done-when the world returns to normal, or anything “normal”, it will be all good venues, pubs, restaurants closed – The Internet needs to be rebuilt to prevent this from happening again. It may be the only place where we can hang out lively, and now it’s absolutely crap.

What did Lockdown 3 teach me?The internet really needs to enhance its game | internet

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