What Can Continuous Controls Monitoring Do For Your Business? –

Do you know what continuous monitoring of controls can do for your business? Businesses across all industries are increasingly demanding continuous control monitoring (CCM) as cybercrime becomes a major and growing issue. CCM continuously monitors the security controls an organization has in place, which means you can reduce your risks among many other benefits. It’s not always enough to keep up with the latest trends and technological developments in the business world, so this post will show you what continuous control monitoring can do for your business and why it’s a smart investment for every business owner .

Reducing Risk

As mentioned, the main reason CCM is beneficial is that it can reduce risk for your organization. By continuously monitoring the controls you have in place, you can spot any deviations in real time and avoid control weaknesses. This will help you reduce risk, which will keep the business running smoothly and give you peace of mind knowing you have constant monitoring in place to spot any issues or trends.

Improving Efficiency

These days, most businesses use a range of security and IT tools to develop a strong cyber security system. This is smart, but you will find that managing all these tools and making sure they are configured correctly is a complex and time-consuming task, which means errors can be made. When you use a CCM platform from a specialist like Panaseer, you are able to create a unified view of your security controls coverage so that you have complete control and do not need to worry about control gaps that create risk. This will also improve efficiency, which every business owner strives for.

Ensure compliance

By continuously monitoring data other than during an annual audit or when an issue arises, you will find that CCM allows you to ensure compliance at all times and make changes when necessary. This can also help you avoid compliance costs as well as the fatigue that can come from annual inspections.

Avoid Damage to Your Reputation

With data security a major issue, organizations must do everything they can to protect and safeguard customer data. Businesses who experience a data breach are often serious hit fame as a result, which can sometimes be impossible to recover from. This is not an issue when you use CCM because you are using proactive cyber security that can prevent breaches.

As you can see, there’s a lot that continuous monitoring of controls can do for your business and it’s a smart investment to make in today’s data-driven age of increasing cybercrime.

What Can Continuous Controls Monitoring Do For Your Business? –

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