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What Big Technology Updates in 2021 Affected the World of Gaming?

2021 proved to be another exciting year for the gaming industry. As well as the release of some long-awaited new games, this year also brought us some advances in technology that helped gamers to enjoy the experience even more.

What Big Technology Updates in 2021 Affected the World of Gaming?

New Smartphones

The increasingly powerful range of smartphones available makes it easier for us to play games on the move. 2021 saw the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 as one of the major new mobile devices on the market. While this model isn’t specifically aimed at gamers, the larger screen and more powerful battery of the S21 Ultra means that it’s certainly suitable for playing games.

Arguably the best phone for gamers right now, the Asus ROG Phone 5 was also launched in 2021 to positive reviews. As well as a high amount of RAM, this model has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor and AirTrigger buttons that are ideal for gamers.

Mobile gaming has continued to grow in the last year. 48% of gamers now play on a mobile device, according to NewZoo, and this is expected to pass the 50% threshold in the next couple of years. However, while a lower percentage of people carry out desktop gaming now, the increase in the overall number of gamers means that this segment is actually still growing.

Some sectors offer both mobile and desktop options, as is the case with casinos like Genesis Casino. This site attracts new players thanks to a combination of slots and classic table games. Popular slots like Starburst and Book of Dead were joined in 2021 by new games like Bank Vault by SpinPlay and Cash Truck by Quickspin, and they can be played on mobile or desktop versions.

The PlayStation 5

Technically, the PS5 came out at the end of 2020. However, limited supplies of the new consoles meant that many gamers couldn’t get their hands on one until 2021 no matter how hard they tried. This latest generation console from Sony still managed to be the biggest and most successful launch in the history of the PlayStation, with over two million sold in the first couple of weeks.

4K performance and fast loading times are among the advances that make this console a worthwhile purchase, although some PS5 reviews mention the rather unwieldy design and the fact that some people might find the controller to be a little too big for them.

The Xbox Series X and Series S models also hit the stores at the end of 2020, and ran into the same supply and demand issues as the PS5. This console launch could also be classed as a success, but which console comes out on top in the future could depend upon which of Sony or Microsoft make the smartest move towards cloud gaming in the next 12 months.

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What Does 2022 Hold in Store?

2022 is sure to be another year where we see the latest technology used to improve our ways of gaming. 2022 could see a new Nintendo Switch made available, although some analysts believe that it won’t be ready until 2024. Apart from that, keen mobile gamers should look for upgraded smartphones and the best games that take advantage of the power of these devices.

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