What Betting Options are Available for NFL Games?

Online sportsbooks offer a plethora of betting choices for NFL enthusiasts, spanning from traditional options to more specialized wagers. Let’s break down the various types of bets you can place.

Popular NFL Bets:

1. Point Spread: Among the most favored NFL wagers, the point spread involves handicapping the perceived stronger team with points, creating a balanced playing field. Both teams are typically offered at similar odds to cover or beat the spread.

2. Total Points: This market involves predicting the cumulative score of a game, with sportsbooks setting a benchmark (e.g., 44.5 points), and bettors wager on whether the actual score will be over or under that figure.

3. Moneyline: A straightforward bet on which team will emerge victorious in an NFL matchup, with odds reflecting the teams’ strengths, home advantage, injuries, and other factors.

4. Straight Up Winner: Essentially synonymous with the moneyline, this bet focuses solely on predicting the game’s outright winner, disregarding the margin of victory.

5. Parlays: This type of bet enables bettors to combine multiple selections from different NFL games into a single wager, with each pick needing to win for the parlay to pay out. Potential profits can be substantial as winnings from each correct pick accumulate.

6. Prop Bets: Props concentrate on specific events within a game or individual player/team performances. Examples include predicting a player’s touchdown, a quarterback’s passing yards, or even the outcome of the coin toss.

While moneylines, spreads, and totals typically offer lower house edges, prop bets and parlays may present higher house edges, necessitating a higher win frequency to yield overall profits. It’s advisable to compare odds across various sportsbooks to secure the most favorable prices for your chosen bets.

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