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What are they and why are they important?

Streaming services such as Cramps When YouTube live It is now an important part of popular entertainment.These sites have millions of “live streamers” Tens of millions of viewers daily..

Streamers describe their lives and activities (often digital games). Interact and chat with them in real time.. The leading streaming platform, Twitch, currently has about 150 channels and Real Money Slot Machine Gambling -The most popular of these have been regularly viewed over 100,000 times.

Slot streaming channels have become a hot topic these days. Famous streamers increase views, Bet and earn a lot of money..Criticism from other streamers such as Imane “Pokimane” Any Call the hosted slot The site is “rough” and “ethically ambiguous”. And Felix “xQc” Lengyel finally ended slot streaming, fearing he was crazy about gambling. I apologize for exposing his audience -Including minors-To gambling.

Age restrictions and gambling

Research on Twitch in particular Gambling stream.. One of the first studies In the region, about 4% of UK adults watch gambling streams like the Twitch slot channel, while about 14% actually play such slot machine games online. bottom. The study also revealed a correlation between online gambling addiction and self-reported gambling addiction, but the causes and consequences remain unclear.

Live gambling streams stimulate some important ethical and regulatory debates. NS Media protest On these streams It often points to the risk of exposing young people to gambling. Age gating, Or age verification on Twitch or elsewhere is minimal.Streamers can indicate that the stream is intended for mature viewers, which the viewer[視聴を開始]It does not restrict clicking.

For decades Norm of neglect Age gating Digital games show that this kind of barrier can be easily avoided. This suggests new legal concerns about livestreaming platforms that enable gambling broadcasts.

Transparency and legal issues

There is another set of issues regarding transparency. Streamers may be committing malicious deception or complete fraud if they do not disclose their partnership with the gambling site they are playing.

for example, Some sponsorship agreements Streamers may be eligible for regular balance “replenishment”. This includes gambling sites that offer free (or “compound” in casino terms) account balance updates. This practice raises questions about advertising standards, and the safety and mental health of the streamer itself-like xQc’s concerns about possible gambling addiction.

In addition, the underlying gambling activity itself May be illegal It depends on the license status of the gambling website and the geolocation of the streamer. However, deciding what is allowed is not always an easy task.

If a gambling website is hosted in one place, streamers are hosted in another, and viewers are worldwide, which regional, national, and international law applies?Synthesize this In various currencies – favorite Fiat, Substitutable cipher, Non-substitutable cipherCryptocurrencies with no cash value-Not all legal tenders for gambling in all jurisdictions reveal the complexity of the situation.

Twitch’s Community guidelines Nevertheless, streamers must comply with relevant laws, illegal content is prohibited, and Platform takes action Through suspension or ban after investigation of reported illegal gambling.

Mid august Twitch announces creator update No links to slots, roulette, or dice games and sharing of referral codes. The goal was “to prevent harm and fraud caused by suspicious gambling services that sponsor Twitch content.” The total ban does not distinguish between licensed and non-licensed gambling sites and does not include poker, another commonly streamed game.

Why do people watch live gambling streams?

Why do people watch live gambling streams when there are problems in this range? For those who are experiencing problems with gambling, they may rely on Casino Stream to address their cravings.NS All Bets’ recent podcast episode is off, A gambling addiction recovery podcast, two men talked about using a live gambling stream as part of their recovery.

Alternatively, interest in these streams may have nothing to do with the craving for gambling. Focus on entertainment, excitement Also Other gambling motives Like financial gain.

Our latest ongoing research is investigating the use of data from Twitch live chat to display motives, along with an analysis of the characteristics of Twitch’s major slot stream videos.

Innovations have always evolved faster than government regulations governing specific spaces. As a result, activities such as slot streaming are classified as uncertain areas. After all, consumer protection considerations in this area do not seem to be limited to government-regulated efforts.

Given the complexity of the jurisdiction rules and the potential harm that can result from gambling, all stakeholders (streamers, platforms, game developers, consumers themselves, parents, etc.) are welcome to play the game and its many plays and It plays a role in securing the means of broadcasting. As Twitch declares as its goal, “Friendly and positive experience for our global community.. “

Broadcasting real money gambling inevitably complicates the ethical practices of such platforms. Live gambling streams are likely to become an increasingly important part of modern gambling practices in the coming years and deserve the closest study.

Author: Brett Abarbanel-Director, Institute for International Games, University of Nevada, Las Vegas | Dimitrios Avramidis-Research Assistant, University of British Columbia Gambling Research Center | Luke Clark-Director, UBC Gambling Research Center, University of British Columbia |

What are they and why are they important?

SourceWhat are they and why are they important?

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