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What are the crucial aspects to rely on while betting?

One of the nitty-gritty rules of a bettor is not to bet on popular markets. By constantly betting on a Real Madrid win, you will not get the expected income. The team will win, but it won’t be happening on a regular basis — a couple of unsuccessful games will leave you without your betting interest.

If you have a certain expertise in betting, you can’t live a second without betting on major football outings, and you have an old hand in making the right forebodings, then it’s high time to make money on betting. By choosing a Betwinner bookmaker here and now, you will hit the nail on the head. Moreover, if you use betwinner promo code, you will get a pleasant bonus after quick registration.

Bookmakers’ odds are radically influenced by public opinion. Bookmakers rely not only on team odds but also on the likely betting volumes of players when compiling their lines.  Even if you see that the odds for a certain market have dropped, it is not clear what caused it. Objective factors (such as injuries, motivation, weather), the betting volumes of ordinary players, and the entry of professional players can affect the movement of quotes.

Fortunately, it is possible to roughly understand which markets are popular with players. You can take the easy way and look at betting volumes at specific bookmakers that show the percentage of market betting volumes, but this approach will not give us an advantage over the bookmaker. You will only know the general direction of the money flows to the various markets, but you will not be able to understand what volume of bets are made by ordinary players and professional bettors.

What are the crucial aspects to rely on while betting?

Ways to understand where regular fans will bet:

  • Check out the discussions on sports forums.
  • Professional gamblers don’t visit them, so all users of such forums understand sports on an alphabetical level. Over 90% of them will be at a loss after placing a few hundred bets at the bookmaker’s office.
  • By learning a cross-section of public opinion, you will understand what results fans expect from teams or athletes. It is such betting markets that will have understated odds in the line, while the opposite outcomes may contain valued odds (but not always).
  • Votes and polls.

It is important for you to find out how many fans as a percentage are willing to bet on various betting markets. The larger the sample size of the poll, the more reliable the results will be. Next, you need to find out how the odds would be formed if they were based on public opinion alone.

Don’t try to find out players’ opinions on global sporting events. It is clear who is the favorite in a match between England and Armenia, but it is not clear how much money the Brits, who are avid gamblers, will bet on their team.

Do not trust surveys conducted on highly specialized resources. For example, if the official site of Bayern Munchen runs a poll on how Bayern will play with Dortmund, you must take into account the fact that the audience of the resource will overestimate the likelihood of the home team’s victory. We need a cross-section of the opinions of fans of all clubs.


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Betting against public opinion is one of the keys to success in bookmakers, but you cannot always rely solely on this strategy. Players’ betting volumes will only tell you on which shoulder of the line a valuation odds can be located, but you need to use other ways to analyze sporting events as well.


What should you do before betting on a football event?

You need to conduct a thorough analysis of the team participating in the upcoming outing, read the news about the squads and injuries, and use a couple of sure-fire strategies.

Is it challenging to bet against public opinion?

It’s always hard to go against the adversities and defy the odds. Yet, it’s a good way to earn money on football kickoffs.

How to win money by placing bets?

Make your own research on the upcoming match. Do not trust the surveys conducted by a home team.


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