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What are board-level employment lawyers?

Lots of businesses decide to work with lawyers to help them manage their legal affairs, but sometimes it can be hard to know what kind of lawyer is right for you. If you’ve been looking into hiring board-level employment lawyers but aren’t sure what they do, then this blog can help. Not every business will need the same kind of support, so it’s important you identify your needs before investing in legal aid that you don’t require.

What can board-level employment lawyers do for you?

If your business has a board of executives then it’s important that the team of lawyers you hire know how to handle these complex, sensitive matters. While most employment solicitors are capable of managing regular redundancies and hiring, board-level issues need special attention. Your executive lawyer will be able to help you in the removal of executives, allowing you to avoid unfair and wrongful dismissals. They can also help you draw up contracts and work with you to create post-employment restrictions that keep your business safe.

Does your business need board-level employment lawyers?

It’s advisable for most businesses with a board of executives to hire a lawyer that can handle this kind of work. Small businesses and start-ups typically don’t need the extra support, but if your business is growing and you’re hiring more and more senior staff, it’s a good idea to start thinking about your options now. Many companies hire a lawyer that has a wide range of experience, meaning they can handle day-to-day tasks as well as larger board-level contracts. If your list of executives is particularly extensive, it’s worth outsourcing your legal work to a professional who understands executive law.

What should you look for in an executive employment lawyer?

Ideally, your employment lawyer should be confident in navigating the industry you’re in or display a wealth of experience across a wide range of businesses. The most important thing for your lawyer to understand is how to navigate contracts, as this is the most common service that you’ll require. Before partnering with any employment law firm, ask for a consultation so you can really understand the services they have on offer. Be open and transparent about your needs and any budgetary concerns, as this will help you to find the perfect match more quickly.

How much does an executive employment lawyer cost?

Costs can vary depending on the law firm you choose to work with, but the good news is that most have a wide variety of packages available. This means that smaller businesses can sign on for just a few contracts if needed, while larger businesses can benefit from ongoing support as and when it’s needed. You can even bring in lawyers to resolve unexpected conflict or once an employee has informed you that they’re going to be leaving. While you might have to pay a higher rate for bits and pieces of work, your costs will still be lower than having a lawyer on standby all year.

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