West Ham will be in the Champions League mix, says David Moyes

David Moyes West Ham is on track to reach his goals for the season, keeping distance and Champions League

Hammers finished four points behind Chelsea in fourth place last season, and Moise wanted to close the gap this season.

Right now, they’re doing just that, in fourth place over this stage last season and now two points ahead.

“I think we are in good shape,” Moyes said. “This was a good time in January and February, which gave us a real chance to compete with other teams.

“We want to stick to the tail of their shirts and hope we can continue. We are on track for the second half of the season.

“I started thinking about what I could do last season, but a little later, I wondered if there was a real chance to get off the schedule for January. We build on that for our players. I challenged.

“So this season, the challenge was set from the beginning. Can you pick up some other points that might be closer to the Champions League?

“That may not be enough, but as we get closer to last season’s total points, it will be a great season, so we will continue to challenge and push, but the second half of the season will be very tough.”

West Ham has been one after another recently COVID Relatively intact and postponed.

There was only one match against Norwich at the Canary Islands camp, which was canceled due to a virus, and won 2-0 in a reorganized match on Wednesday night.

While other clubs face a pile of fixtures, West Ham can have a much clearer schedule for break-in, which will certainly benefit them.

“I hope so,” Moise added. “I had a hard time with clubs, injuries and covids and had to keep playing, so I wasn’t happy about where Norwich’s match was placed.

“We have endeavored to make it available in all games, so we hope it will be difficult for other clubs.

“But we could easily fall into a batch of Covid and it could be us. I don’t think it’s over yet, but we’re all able to get out of the end of the worst. I think you want it. “

Moise also revealed that Manuel Lanzini had been convened for the interim Argentine national team.

The midfielder finally looks back on his best appearance when he was injured in ACL while on an international mission before the 2018 World Cup.

West Ham will be in the Champions League mix, says David Moyes

Source link West Ham will be in the Champions League mix, says David Moyes

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