Wedding details of Christine and Paddy McGuinness, including a speech from Peter Kay

Christine and Paddy McGuinness celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary this summer. In her new autobiography, three mothers gave detailed insights on their beautiful wedding day for the first time.

The couple tied a knot on June 4, 2011 at Thornton Manor, surrounded by 200 guests, but the 33-year-old admitted that “no one knew there.”

“I didn’t have any friends to invite. Only 20 of the guests were my family,” says Christine. Recently, it was revealed that she was diagnosed with autism like three children., Said.

Christine and Paddy McGuinness have stylishly marked their 10th wedding anniversary

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In her memoir “A Beautiful Nightmare,” she’s a star-studded opportunity with only two celebrity guests, Keith Lemon and Paddy’s best friend, childhood friend and comedian Peter Kay. I explained that it wasn’t.

Peter’s speech was particularly appealing when he looked back on the wonderful things Christine told the newlyweds.

“He always sticks to me,’As long as you’re laughing, you have everything, and you two have it,” she said. wrote.

“It’s so true and I always say it. It’s a bit of a mantra for me. We’ve managed to laugh at even the most difficult times of marriage and life.”

Peter Kay starred in the 2017 Manchester Charity Concert
Peter gave a speech that Christine can still remember in detail

Christine admitted that he didn’t know who he was at the time, but the guest was exposed to the performance of Never Gonna Give You Up singer Rick Astley.

The bride wore a “timeless” bespoke flock made by renowned dress designer Ian Stuart, but Christine’s search for the perfect wedding dress wasn’t without that challenge. There was no.

She explained that there was a “real pretty woman” moment when she was distracted from the Cheshire dress shop when she wasn’t wearing a tracksuit and makeup.

Paddy and Christine have been married for 10 years

After the clerk mistakenly thought that expensive bridal wear wasn’t enough, Christine told the reader:

As a result of the knockback, her self-confidence plummeted to “real lowness” and she got her dream dress designed by Ian.

“It was absolutely gorgeous,” she said.

Christine shares her ups and downs in her new autobiography

When Christine looked back on the day in the chapter “Becoming Mrs. McGuinness,” she rejected the proposal to renew her vows.

“I always say no because we’ve done it once in our eyes and have a happy marriage,” she explained.

“Instead of renewing my vows, I settle for the holidays. More realistically, I’ll have a more cozy lunch date in the not too distant future.”

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Wedding details of Christine and Paddy McGuinness, including a speech from Peter Kay

Source link Wedding details of Christine and Paddy McGuinness, including a speech from Peter Kay

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