WeAre8 Media Secures £ 11.38m Investment in Series B Led by Channel 4 Ventures and Centerstone Capital – UK Technology Investment News

Channel 4 Ventures and Centerstone Capital Lead WeAre8’s $ 15 Million Series B Funding Round, Marking a New Era in Digital Media

Through its industry-leading media for the equity fund, national broadcaster Channel 4 makes major investments in the revolutionary sustainable advertising platform, WeAre8, which unites advertisers with millions to help address the UK’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. .

8am, 7th March, London, UK: Channel 4 and Centerstone Capital made a significant investment in a hate-free social app We are8 as part of a $ 15 million Series B funding round to support the platform’s ambition to transform digital advertising.

WeAre8 inspires people with exclusive content and every time they watch an ad, they get paid and donations are also made to charity. Through WeAre8’s sustainable ad buying engine, advertisers receive transformative media results, all while meeting their ESG and sustainability goals. 55% of every pound advertisers spend on WeAre8 is shared directly with people and charities, while another 5% goes to a creators fund to power micro shows, collaborations and monthly challenges on 8Stage, an evolution without I hate the social feed.

Through this innovative business model, WeAre8 sets a new standard by democratizing digital advertising, placing people and the planet at the economic center of the multi-billion dollar digital advertising ecosystem.

Channel 4 Ventures’ investment, the UK’s largest media for equity fund, comes at an important time in WeAre8’s expansion. As the advertising platform increases its scale in the UK through its existing partnership with EE and large talent deals, this financial backing will allow WeAre8 to accelerate its growth through 2022.

WeAre8 will launch its first UK TV advertising campaign across Channel 4’s platform portfolio, including its All 4 streaming service in the second quarter of 2022 to increase brand awareness and reach young audiences. The ad campaign will feature high-profile brand ambassadors, including Rio Ferdinand, and highlight the impact that is possible on WeAre8 when people come together in support of the planet.

Sue Fennessy, Founder and CEO of WeAre8 She said,

“We are delighted to announce this strategic investment from Canale 4 and Centerstone Capital. People across the UK and around the world are under more economic pressure than ever, and WeAre8 technology brings money and power back to people in a transformative way, all uniting them to help solve the world’s biggest problems. The investment from Channel 4 and Centerstone Capital allows us to extend our technology to millions of people every day. ”

Vinay Solanki, Head of Channel 4 Ventures at Channel 4, She said:

As we continue to focus on growing an investment portfolio of companies with similar goals, we have been particularly impressed with WeAre8 and its founder Sue Fennessy. WeAre8 technology presents a compelling and ethical alternative digital social platform to enable brands to communicate with consumers. We are very excited to support WeAre8 and hope the campaign launch through our powerful marketing platform resonates with our young core viewers passionately caring about environmental and social issues and promoting mass adoption in the UK. ”

John Meacock – CEO – Centerstone Capital, Chief Executive Officer She said:

Centerstone Capital is excited about how WeAre8 is transforming the advertising industry, putting choice back into the hands of the consumer and enabling brands to build direct relationships with their target audience. WeAre8’s platform is unique in that it creates great commercial value for both consumers and brands by aligning them to make a difference for the planet and social initiatives. The way WeAre8 enables brands to become truly customer centric and directly link ESG initiatives to value is a game changer. Centerstone Capital looks forward to supporting WeAre8 in its UK growth and global expansion. ”


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WeAre8 Wallpaper

WeAre8 is the revolutionary new digital advertising platform with a new visionary business model, which values ​​and pays users (with donations made to charities) for their time watching ads.

The company operated in stealth mode with a team of 52 employees, developing its technology for a full global rollout, which is now imminent in the UK. WeAre8 is led by serial tech entrepreneur, Sue Fennessy.

In 2020, WeAre8 was certified as a B-Corporation and joins the growing cohort of world-class companies seeking the highest standards of social and environmental impact.

How does WeAre8 work?

WeAre8 has two main user groups, “consumers” and “brands”:

  1. For “consumers”: Consumers are rated to get paid for viewing ads. The ad experience on WeAre8 is much higher and controlled by the user rather than disrupting the content experience on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Consumers receive a payment, which is between £ 0.05 and £ 0.20 by completing their video view. Consumers are also inspired by viewing exclusive, behind-the-scenes content from verified creators on 8Stage, a hate-free evolution of the social feed.
  1. The “brands” that use the platform are guaranteed the attention of target consumers in such a way as to make them feel appreciated and respected, eliminating a big problem with advertising on digital platforms.

A portion of their WeAre8 spending is also paid automatically to good causes, strengthening the sustainability credentials of these brands. Given the importance of sustainability in any domestic brand’s narrative, this use case for brands is exceptionally broad. Brands spend $ 450 billion on digital advertising every year.

WeAre8 has completed extensive testing with brands and agencies committed to shifting some of their digital ad spend to WeAre8.

How does it work for consumers?

WeAre8 sends a push notification to the community it joined informing them that they have a brand announcement to watch. They accept, watch the video ad, answer a couple of questions and within 30 days are paid between 5p-20p directly into their WeAre8 wallet. They can then choose to pay their cell phone bill, pay earnings directly to their PayPal account, or forward it to charities. WeAre8 has over 50 charities created on their app in 8 impact areas: Climate, Poverty, Health, Education, Water, Animal Welfare, Equality, Peace. Over 50% of the people on WeAre8 donate part of their earnings to charity.

Many brands advertise on themes of purpose and sustainability. They are also keen to see evidence of consumer engagement on these topics. The high completion rates mean brands can gather meaningful information about these campaigns, unlike typical campaigns on major digital platforms.

Why is a solution like WeAre8 needed?

The tech giants have grown into trillion dollar companies by selling our precious time and serving us millions of ads every day. This has created huge profits at the hands of a few, despite having questionable purpose-oriented credentials.

WeAre8’s model redirects 60% of online advertising costs to ethical causes, end users, and WeAre8’s creator fund.

Given the large size of the global digital advertising market, this provides a platform to drive significant change from the billions of digital interactions our world has every second.

What is 8Stage?

WeAre8 has launched a hate-free, ad-free social feed where verified creators will showcase exclusive content on monthly themes such as “Our Precious Planet”, “Mental Health” and “International Women’s Day”. Rio Ferdinand, as an investor and part of the WeAre8 management team, will be one of the many talents to create exclusive content for 8Stage.

This content will help support WeAre8 as the hate-free social app that has a mission to inspire and unite millions of people to solve the world’s biggest problems.

What does the name WeAre8 refer to?

8 is the infinite power of people to come together to solve the biggest problems in the world. By the end of 2022, there will also be 8 billion people on our precious planet Earth. WeAre8 is the technology platform that can unite the world population forever.

What are the short-term plans for WeAre8?

WeAre8 is on a mission to redirect a slice of the £ 350 billion digital ad market to people and the planet. WeAre8 technology can economically empower and unite millions of people to come together and tackle the world’s biggest problems. This is a global plan, with a focus on the UK, US and Australia in 2022.

WeAre8 will launch in the UK in the second quarter of 2022 with a major TV campaign on Channel 4. It will also work with leading talent to promote its message on 8Stage and elsewhere. Rio Ferdinand has joined the WeAre8 management team for further expansion plans. Major news agency partners have pledged to incur significant media spending.

Further announcements are expected in the coming weeks.

About Sue Fennessy

Sue Fennessy is a serial tech entrepreneur who has spent the past 30 years building disruptive businesses in the digital economy in Asia, Europe and North America. As the founder and CEO of WeAre8, she has developed technology that delivers transformational results for advertisers, all while empowering hundreds of millions of people economically. Through distribution agreements with the world’s largest mobile operators and TV networks, WeAre8 technology also mobilizes millions of people to solve the world’s biggest problems, making it fun and easy for them to change the world in just two minutes a day. Sue started her first business at age 21, selling it to Omnicom in 2000, and was named by Forbes as a major innovator in 2017. She is the founder, largest shareholder and former CEO of the world’s leading aggregation firm. media data, Standard Media Index, which has exclusive contracts with all global media buying agencies and is used by leading media and finance companies including Comcast, NBC, Disney, Warner Media, FOX, Discovery, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and McKinsey. With a unique insight into the $ 450 billion digital advertising market, Sue became obsessed with the lack of effectiveness, transparency and waste in major digital platforms and the damaging effect this was having on content creators, people and the planet. . Sue lei has built the future of digital media.

To learn more, visit www.weare8.com or install the WeAre8 app on the App Store or Google Play.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/weare8

Twitter: @ WeAre8Official

Instagram: @wear8app

For media inquiries, contact Naomi Barker or Saffron Johnson at 33Seconds – [email protected]

WeAre8 Media Secures £ 11.38m Investment in Series B Led by Channel 4 Ventures and Centerstone Capital – UK Technology Investment News

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