“We must avoid compromising patient care”: Major hospitals warn that lack of blood vessels is now critical

The hospital told staff that the shortage of blood collection tubes for the NHS had reached “significant” levels and that some medical services were banned except for emergency blood tests.

Message to the staff Leeds Teaching Hospital TrustSeen in Independent, Warned staff not to order blood tests unless it was “absolutely clinically urgent”.

Earlier this month, the NHS warned that the blood collection tube supply chain was affected by a global shortage of tubes by medical company Becton Dickinson, including some fertility tests, pre-diabetes, allergies and other blood. I stopped screening for the disease.

At Leeds, a message to hospital staff warns: You need your urgent attention to manage our testing and supply.

“Just request Blood test Absolutely clinically urgent. Advanced clinical oversight is required for the order of examinations. “

The Trust said it was “taking all possible action” to reduce the effects of the shortage and “we must avoid compromising patient care.”

Elsewhere, the Royal United Hospitals Bath Foundation Trust has told GPs in the region that the number of blood tests it requires should be reduced by more than 50%, the Health Service Journal reported.

In a letter that HSJ saw, Trust said: We are aiming for a reduction of 50% or more. “

This meant stopping and monitoring all health examinations and preventive medicine tests because trust focuses on the needs of urgent patients.

NHS England Also, the NHS supply chain, which processes NHS equipment orders at the national level, has been trying to control inventory levels since the onset of the crisis, but there is growing concern that the shortage may worsen before it improves.

The British Medical Association said the shortage was a serious concern.

Dr. David Wrigley, Vice-Chair of the BMA Council, said: Regular fertility tests.

“BMA has increased the potential impact this has on NHS health check routines, care quality monitoring, and dosing reviews, and not only for patients, but already in the vast care backlog. For the entire system we are working on, it is also unreasonable to ask medical staff to postpone these tests until a later date.

“NHS England has provided some guidance that clinicians should follow, but no doctor wants results that delay the diagnosis of patients due to these deficiencies, and from possible negligence claims. You need to know that you are protected. You need to resume the proper supply of these tubes without delay. In the future, it is important to implement the process to ensure that the medical device supply chain is always maintained. “

Manufacturer Becton Dickinson warned the NHS of the problem in July, stating that there was a shortage of raw materials due to rising global demand and “British border challenges”.

A BD spokeswoman said the company is maximizing its product supply and expanding its manufacturing capacity.

“We must avoid compromising patient care”: Major hospitals warn that lack of blood vessels is now critical

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