“We are all very sick”: Fauci says the United States is reassessing South Africa’s travel ban

The United States is considering lifting South Africa’s travel ban as COVID-19 Omicron Dr., Chief Medical Advisor of the White House Anthony Fauci..

President Joe Biden Last Monday, it shut out eight South African countries from the United States for fear of a new variant of the super mutant COVID. Travel to other foreign countries is still open, but the ban is still valid.

The Omicron variant was first identified in South Africa, but it was later revealed that a case of the mutant was identified in Europe one week before the case was detected in South Africa.

United Nations Last Wednesday, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called the ban “travel apartheid”, as it was “very unfair” to isolate a single area.

However, Fauci said on Sunday that restrictions were put in place as the severity of the subspecies remained unknown while the explosion of the Omicron incident rocked South Africa.

He said US authorities are currently reassessing regulations.

“When the ban was lifted, it was put in place to give us time to understand what’s going on,” Forch told CNN’s Jack Tapper during a national episode on Sunday morning. rice field.

“As you said, we are getting more and more information about the incident in our country and around the world, so we look at it very carefully every day.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Advisor of the White House, told CNN on Sunday that the United States is reviewing South Africa’s travel ban.

The outbreak of a new subspecies in Gauteng, South Africa, has caused the sharpest increase in hospitalizations in the previous wave, raising concerns about similar outbreaks in other countries.

He said he wants them to keep an eye on the situation as they are considering whether they need to be banned.

“We all feel very terrible about the difficulties that we may have faced not only in South Africa but in other African countries,” Forch told CNN. “That’s why we’re reassessing that policy in real time (literally every day).”

The outbreak of a new subspecies in Gauteng, South Africa, has caused the sharpest increase in hospitalizations in the wave to date, raising concerns about similar outbreaks in other countries.

Dr. Vivek Murthy, the chief surgeon on Sunday, urged Americans not to panic about the new variant, but said they should continue to take precautions.

“I think it’s our reason that we don’t necessarily panic, we’re more vigilant and realize that the precautions we’ve been talking about last year or so are more important than ever.” Mercy told Fox News. Host Chris Wallace.

“We know that the measures we take to protect ourselves from the COVID epidemic (wearing masks in indoor spaces, use in well-ventilated spaces, etc.) work and work against Omicron. increase.”

Houten alone has had more than 1,000 hospitalizations in the past week, four times the record just two weeks ago. Meanwhile, South Africa recorded a total of 1,802 hospitalizations in the past week until Friday, the latest date for which data are available.

The virus also appears to be more contagious, increasing from about 300 3 weeks ago to a 7-day moving average of about 7,000.

According to the latest figures, the number of cases surged by 408% in just one week, and the number of deaths increased from 8 to 21 during the same period.

It is unknown which mutant was the new case recorded.

Hospital workers ensure that people practice social distance while waiting in line to be vaccinated with COVID-19 at Lenacia South Hospital near Johannesburg, South Africa, on Wednesday, December 1, 2021. To do.

Photo: A South African Airways plane is parked at the gate of Cape Town International Airport in Cape Town, South Africa. December 3, the day after President Joe Biden announced a travel ban on South Africa.

According to Fauci, South African officials have indicated that the Omicron variant is unlikely to lead to more hospitalizations and deaths.

“So far, it’s premature to make a definite statement about it, but it doesn’t seem to be that serious, but you really need to be careful, or actually, before you decide it’s not that serious. Does not cause a serious illness comparable to Delta, “he said.

“But so far, the signal is a bit encouraging when it comes to severity, but until you gain experience, you still have to make decisions.”

The South African country recorded 21 deaths on Saturday, an increase of 162 percent from last week when eight deaths were announced.

According to the latest figures, the total number of cases in South Africa has reached 3,020,569, and the total number of deaths has increased to 89,956.

Public health experts from South Africa and the World Health Organization claim that the vaccine is still very effective against this strain, despite the mild cases and lack of data.

As of Saturday, 37 cases of Omicron have been confirmed in the United States, including 8 in New York.

Meanwhile, a Minnesota man who tested positive for the Omicron variant of COVID-19 after attending a New York City anime convention in November was infected with the virus by more than a dozen friends who attended a packed gathering. I made it clear that I was doing it.

An unidentified man reportedly warned health officials in his home state about the potential spread. This affected about 15 members of a strong group of 35 friends, he says.

It is unknown if any of his friends were infected with the Omicron mutant. It is believed to be more infectious than previous versions of the respiratory virus.

WHO said there were no deaths associated with the supermutant variant, despite the strain being found in 38 countries.

Omicron was identified in a man who tested a positive day after attending a giant anime convention (above) at the Javits Center in Manhattan.

The man now says that a dozen friends who attended the tournament with him have since tested positive for Covid.It’s unclear if the case is related to the new variant

In the United States, this subspecies has spread to 16 states, including new cases in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

More than 53,000 people attended the crowded tournament at the Jacob K Javits Center in Midtown, Manhattan, from November 19th to 21st, according to Minnesota Health Department officials. bottom.

The day after the event, the department says that about half of the group tested positive for the virus. Participants were required to be vaccinated to attend the event, but it is unknown if they were under the age of 12 in the infected group.

One of the first men to test positive for Omicron strains in the United States since it surfaced in southern Africa at the end of last month was fully vaccinated and boosted.

The first case of the Omicron COVID-19 mutant was detected in the United States, Fauci said on December 1.

This case was identified by the San Francisco Public Health Service in California and confirmed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

According to Forch, the individual returned from South Africa on 22 November and tested positive a week later on 29 November.

“We are all very sick”: Fauci says the United States is reassessing South Africa’s travel ban

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