WCRC celebrates first birthday but warns that cybercrime is on the rise in Wales –

As the Welsh Cyber ​​Resilience Center welcomes its first anniversary as a cyber-resource resource that offers guidance to more than 330 businesses in Wales, the center warns that the grip of cybercrime will not be fixed but intensified unless companies take extra protections. threats of drowning.

WCRC Director, Detective-Superintendent Paul Peters says: “We have known for the past 12 months that phishing is the most common attack on our members. Welsh phishing emails¹ are emerging, with more sophisticated and targeted attacks on businesses and charities.

“In 2021 philanthropy accounted for 83% of businesses (87% of charities) that identified a breach or attack on their organization. Over five billion breaches were also recorded, many of which occurred as a result of phishing emails, thus highlighting the importance of staff awareness and the vital role that everyone plays in preventing this type of attack. recognition. ”

The WCRC is already supporting over 330 members, making significant progress across the Welsh business landscape in advancing awareness of cybercrime. Paul continues: “At the WCRC, we want organizations to take an active approach to improving their cyber resilience, take simple steps such as improving password security, using an anti – virus, a backup date, setting up an incident response plan. force with nesting. in an organizational culture. ”

It is a matter of concern that cyber-attacks are on the rise and, as recently reported in the Republic of Ireland Cyber ​​Violation Survey– performed on behalf of the UK Government – in the last twelve months alone, four in ten businesses and three in ten charities have reported being victims of cyber threats.

It was also found that small organizations have taken little proactive action on cybersecurity, driven by a lack of internal knowledge and competing priorities with their budgets. With 99% of Welsh companies operating as SMEs and micro-enterprises, cybercrime is a huge risk for many across the region and it is these more vulnerable companies that the WCRC works hard to protect.

Looking ahead, the role of the WCRC will become even more important for Welsh businesses as a resource. Cybercrime has increased significantly since 2019, and this growing trend seems unchecked. Paul believes that cyber-attacks will continue to develop and diversify in the coming years, with ransomware being the preferred method of attack.

said Paul; “We have seen a number of instances where cybercrime has exploited weaknesses in the supply chain to target an organization, and I can only see this trend increasing. An organization may have strong cyber security in place, but they may be as vulnerable to attack as the weakest supplier if they do not monitor their supply chain. in place to defend against the vast majority of common cyber attacks. ”

Paul concludes: “We are delighted to celebrate our first anniversary. This is a significant landmark for any new venture, and with our membership steadily growing we know that we are making significant progress in providing a leading knowledge of cybercrime and the serious threat it poses.

Chief Constable Pam Kelly said; “Offering practical support to Welsh businesses is vital to protecting themselves from cybercrime. I am proud to be part of the WCRC and to support the progress we have made in the first year. WCRC brings together technical expertise and skills from industry and policing to use our knowledge and skills to protect ourselves from the emerging trend in cybercrime and I encourage business leaders to join us in defending themselves. ”

The WCRC provides a variety of support in the form of membership packagesstarting with free, membership as well as some of it additional services offering cybersecurity training and assessments to companies.

For more information on the WCRC visit its website at or contact the team.

1 – Cybercrime in which someone who is thought to be a legitimate institution to entice individuals to provide sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information, bank and credit card details, and passwords, targets or targets.

2 – Cyber ​​Essentials – A UK Government-backed self-assessment certificate that helps you protect against cyber-attacks and shows others that your organization is taking action against cybercrime.

WCRC celebrates first birthday but warns that cybercrime is on the rise in Wales –

Source link WCRC celebrates first birthday but warns that cybercrime is on the rise in Wales –

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