Wayne Rooney licks a huge lollipop with his wife Colleen on the fun return of Valentine’s Day

Wayne Rooney shared a funny retrospective photo of him and his wife Colleen Rooney for Valentine’s Day.

Footballer Wayne, 36, and his wife Colleen, 35, began dating as teenagers before marrying in 2008, so there are many photos of the couple together over the years.

However, Wayne chose a photo in particular to wish his wife a Happy Valentine’s Day.

In a photo of the couple posted on social media, Wayne and Colleen look much younger as they walk down the street in hot weather, keeping the couple cool in a cardigan and shorts.

However, Wayne can be seen comically eating a giant red lollipop while walking, apparently ignoring his photo.

Wayne posted this funny photo of him and Colleen in Spain before they got married

Wayne’s followers seem to see the funny side, with footballer Jack Greenish posting a series of laughing faces and cracking emojis.

One fan commented, “The best picture ever,” while one joked, “Looks like your wife just picked you up from preschool.”

Wayne and Colleen appeared last week at the premiere of their long-awaited documentary Rooney, in which the couple will discuss their marriage in detail for the first time in public.

The couple who share the sons Kai, 11, Clay, eight, Kit, five, and Cass, three, unveiled a united front at Rooney’s world premiere at an Amazon Prime event last Wednesday, despite some difficult issues of their relationship discussed in the film.

Wayne and Colleen appeared together at the premiere of the documentary Rooney last week

In the new documentary Colleen is in tears as he discusses Wayne’s infidelitybut despite the drama, Colleen and the 36-year-old English footballer Wayne have remained steadfast since they first met at the age of 16.

The duo made the rare decision to voluntarily put their lives on the line in the spotlight in the document, as Colleen recently wrote on Twitter: “I am who I am… He is who I am… We are what we are and we are! !!!

“Life is for living, life goes on, life is not perfect at all and you know what … this is OUR life, to no one else. God bless.”

Colleen then responded to inquiries from a follower as to why she had chosen to broadcast her life to millions of people.

Colleen Rooney revealed her husband’s infidelity to the new doctor

“Because I want her, this is my life. Enjoy your xx, ”she said.

In a clip from the new documentary, Colleen talks about why he believes Wayne acted the way he did.

“I think the first time [he cheated] we were young, so there was a lot of arguing, “she recalls.” I knew the bands Wayne was hanging out with weren’t good for him.

“Wonderful people, but together with alcohol, it’s not good. And I told him that from day one.”

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Wayne Rooney licks a huge lollipop with his wife Colleen on the fun return of Valentine's Day

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