WATCH MOVIES AT HOME: Robert Tanitch reviews 7 movies

SHERWOOD (BBC iPlayer). Murders in a Nottingham village. The killer uses a crossbow and an arrow. There are divisions in the community and in the police force. As you would expect from a James Graham screenplay, there is a strong political dimension and agenda. There are flashbacks to the miners’ strike in the 1980’s that still mark the bitterness of the villagers. Scab is never forgiven. This acclaimed TV series is losing traction in its final episodes. Leslie Manville, Robert Glenister and David Morrisey lead a strong cast.

RAINMAN (BBC iPlayer) Entertaining, touching and funny, this Oscar-winning 1988 road movie is a buddy movie with one big difference: the relationship is one-sided. A yuppie car salesman (Tom Cruise) is transformed from repulsive con man and fortune seeker into likeable guy by his autistic and institutionalized brother (Dustin Hoffman) who struggles to communicate and understand feelings. Hoffman’s passive, self-absorbed playing is very convincing. Cruise’s excellent performance also earned an Oscar nomination.

THE SUBTLE CHARM OF CITIZENSHIP (Studio Canal). Luis Bunuel’s 1972 film takes a surreal approach. Any meal where a group of friends sit down to eat will be disrupted. Most of these sequences turn out to be dreams. It’s a trick Bunuel plays so often you’d think he couldn’t be caught; but always you are. The film is a funny satire on the middle class and their eating habits and fear of death. It is played with the style of Delphine Seyrig, Stephane Audran and Fernando Rey.

7 GREEK DANCES (YouTube) are choreographed by Maurice Bejart to music by Mikis Theodorakis. This performance by Bejart Ballet Lausanne was recorded by Medici TV in the Orangery of the Palace of Versailles in 2014. The shirtless boys wear white trousers; the girls are in black tunics. The Greek is in the music and only occasionally in the dance, which is light, charming, gently humorous and very pleasing to watch. Leading the cast is the charismatic Oscar Chacon. Valentin Levalin and Kathleen Thielhelm deliver a delightful duet.

PROM (Netflix). The Broadway musical becomes a chilling film with a loud message: it’s okay to be gay. The music is by Matthew Sklar. The lyrics are by Chad Peguelin. A lesbian teen (Jo Ellen Pullman) in Indiana wants to take the girl she loves to her high school prom as her partner. The PTA decides to cancel the event. This part of the story is based on fact. Meanwhile, two narcissistic Broadway stars (Meryl Streep and James Cordon) who have just survived a monumental stage disaster decide that getting involved in a civil rights issue would be good publicity for them.

APPOINTMENT IN LONDON (Studio Canal). This is a tribute to the 65,000 killed in Bomber Command during WWII. The actors (led by Dirk Bogarde) play supporting roles alongside the planes and the highly dangerous night raids on Germany. The chances of surviving a mission alive were not good. Only 4 out of 10 crews survived. Few men lived after making 20 sorties. Director Philip Leacock takes a documentary approach with a stiff upper lip

BOYS IN THE BAND (Netflix). Screaming promiscuous New York-based queens, some full of self-loathing and self-pity, celebrate a birthday with a cruel and demeaning truth game. Matt Crowley’s play, a camp, sour, bitchy pre-AIDS play, was groundbreaking when it premiered in 1968. The 2018 Broadway revival consisted entirely of openly gay actors. The same cast also appear in this 2020 film directed by Joe Mantello. Robin de Jesus is the gayest gay. Jim Parsons is the culprit.

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WATCH MOVIES AT HOME: Robert Tanitch reviews 7 movies

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