Was FIFA a secret supporter of the European Super League project?


His sight Manchester United fan Riot Almost two weeks after the supermarket collapsed alliance The blunder is more confusing than ever before the people behind the plan thought it would probably work.

More importantly, why Earth The financial supporter London Do you think you can get approval from your fans and the national league?

In-depth research suggests that financiers were very naive about their misunderstandings, but they are not completely stupid.

Why is that so? The terms of JP Morgan’s £ 2.8bn funding package show that club owners are 100% confident that it will be a runner.

How do you know this?Since it is said that the funds will be withdrawn if there is one in the contract written in black and white FIFA Alternatively, Uefa, the governing body of international and European countries, did not approve it.

And, as the financiers inferred, SuperLeaguers would not have agreed to the terms if they did not expect such approval to be granted.

According to some sources, the project cheerleaders were led to believe that Fifa implicitly supported the plan.

As for Uefa, they thought they could hit it for submission in court.

Some even say Fifa wanted to take over the Super League-defeat Uefa’s Champions League.

Not surprisingly, FIFA will violently deny its role in such betrayal.

However, there is some evidence about crushing Uefa and submitting it to a lawyer.

After all European super league The company has already filed a proceeding in the Madrid Commercial Court on the first business day of the plan. The proceedings were to prevent Uefa and the national league from trying to block their project, and a Madrid judge ruled in favor of the Super League the next day. It looks like a pre-hatched plan.

Why does Fifa agree with such a sneaky idea?

Perhaps not only because of the desire to undermine Uefa, but also because the sport is in such a big crisis.

A year after Covid, clubs like Real Madrid in Super League architect Florantino Perez need money.

Having paid crazy players wages for years, they were exposed to a huge financial crisis that could help the Super League ease.

Now, with the prospect that club owners who sign up for it will never get that lifeline, but they will have to urge millions of pounds of breaks to get out of the Super League deal. Facing

The misery for club owners continues.

Was FIFA a secret supporter of the European Super League project?

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