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Warwickshire News: Women served animal bans after starving “ignored” dogs | UK | News

Christine Mary Wilkinson, 33, from Shipston, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, was sentenced on May 19 for causing unnecessary pain to a bulldog named Minnie.

In the Magistrates’ Court of Coventry, Ms. Wilkinson’s accusation was proved at a previous hearing in which she was absent.

Minnie was discovered in May 2019 by a housing union officer who accessed the woman’s previous address on Marigold Road, Stratford.

The police officer then found the dog’s body and contacted RSPCA.

Ms. Wilkinson was ordered by the court to disqualify all animals for life after starving her dog.

RSPCA inspector Thea Kerrison, who was working in Warwickshire when the animal welfare charity received the call, explained the dog’s condition during a court hearing.

She states: “Minnie was curled up in a plastic dog bed on a blanket.

“The ribs and hip bones seemed to stand out, so she turned out to be very thin.

“She looked dead and curled up in a sleeping position.”

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Later, Ms. Kerison added Minnie in 2019 as “terribly ignored before her death.”

“A veterinarian’s report after her post-mortem examination concluded that her illness score would have occurred over the course of several weeks.

“The condition she was found in her environment with a large amount of feces is further evidence of this.

“There were two levels of pain identified by the veterinarian. The physical pain of hunger and dehydration and the mental distress of anxiety and stress tell us when someone will come for her and when she will be fed. did not.

“Minnie relied on her owner, and she broke that trust by afflicting her.”

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RSPCA inspectors added that Ms. Wilkinson “could ask for help or hand Minnie to an animal charity and bring her home.”

However, Ms. Kerison said the 33-year-old woman “decided to simply abandon her to die after a long period of suffering.”

Ms. Wilkinson was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison, a 12-month suspended sentence, and 20 days of rehabilitation days, for a total of £ 278.

The 33-year-old was sentenced to lifelong disqualification for owning an animal, but she can appeal 10 years later.

Warwickshire News: Women served animal bans after starving “ignored” dogs | UK | News

SourceWarwickshire News: Women served animal bans after starving “ignored” dogs | UK | News

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