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Wall bedroom light ideas

Lighting can transform or impact a room, and this is why it is specifically important to incorporate lighting in the bedroom. What most people do not realise is lighting actually has the capability of making a room look larger. Although you will have a standard ceiling light in your bedroom, it is important to incorporate a few other forms of lighting as the main bedroom light will not always be on, especially if you are in your room at night or want to create an ambience. As some bedrooms are of a smaller size, it is not always easy to incorporate lightings such as floor lights and table lights in a limited space. However, space doesn’t necessarily apply to wall lighting, as this form of light is specifically fixed to the wall allowing you to utilise space elsewhere. Let’s dive straight into some wall bedroom light ideas.

 Wall lights beside the bed

The most common bedroom setup looks pretty much like a bed in the middle of the room, and at either side of the bed, there are two bedside units or drawers. Quite often on top of these, you will place a light on one side or both. As a bedside unit can be the ultimate home for clutter, we would recommend ditching the table lamp and installing wall lights instead. After all, they do offer the same concept and free up space at the same time.

 Bias Lighting/LED lights behind a TV

In most cases, a flat-screen TV is typically mounted on the wall in a bedroom to optimise space and look a whole lot sleeker. Simply place the bias LED lighting around the back of your TV and plug it into your TV, this means that the lights will turn on when the TV is turned on. You can also change the colours of the lighting, and not only does this add additional light to the room, but it also reduces eye strain from picture brightness. If you want to achieve this source of light and need your TV mounted onto your wall, do not hesitate to contact the professionals at https://aerialandsatelliteexpress.co.uk who are experts in TV wall mounting. This form of lighting is also more energy-efficient, as the brightness from the TV means that no other surrounding lights need to be on.

Vanity mirror/lights

The popular vanity lights, which are often more popularly installed into mirrors, seem to be dominating the market at the moment. Most popular amongst females, these lights can appear on long full-length mirrors or smaller mirrors that can sit above or beside a dressing table. For those who don’t want to invest in a mirror with the lights built in, why not buy the light itself. This will come as a strip of bulbs against a base and you can install these next to, or around the mirror. This tends to be a much cheaper alternative compared to buying a whole new mirror. Try and look for wall bedroom lights that are LED, much like the bias lighting, for a brighter look!


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