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Wales’ new GP contract vows to end “morning scramble” to make a reservation

The Welsh government has announced changes to the GP contract to improve access to bookings.

The revised contract from 2021 to 22, backed by an additional investment of £ 12 million, vows to end the “morning scramble” of the booking. It makes it clear that releasing at 8am daily is no longer acceptable.

New instead GP access commitment With the aim of ensuring that people are properly triaged, if an appointment is required, they will receive what is appropriate for their clinical needs. When appropriate, people can guide them to other services and medical professionals who can help or assist them.

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The new General Medical Services (GMS) contract includes 3% increase to pay GP and practice staff, and additional funding to increase capacity and staff to handle winter pressures.

The British Medical Association (BMA) welcomed a contractual agreement hoping for “some way to support practices in very harsh conditions,” but linking compensation awards to contract changes ” “Inappropriate”.

Regarding the new contract, Welsh Health Minister Eluned Morgan said:

“I am very pleased to have agreed to a new contract that rewards all staff working in general practice with a salary increase.

“We have also agreed on ways to improve the booking system. We hope to put an end to the 8am bottleneck where patients have to call multiple times each day to get bookings.

“The additional funding announced today will support GP practices to build capacity to better manage patient needs and implement a more efficient booking system. An additional £ 2 million has been announced to meet the imminent pressures facing winter. “

The Welsh government added that the GP will have an additional £ 4m available in the next three fiscal years to ensure that it retains additional capacity and supports its commitment to access to services.

Morgan further states: Services and local pharmacies can provide advice on non-urgent illnesses and medical conditions. “

Nick Wood, Executive Director of Primary, Community and Mental Health Services, Aneurin Bevan University Health Commission, said: training.

“A 3% salary increase for all general practitioners and medical staff demonstrates our commitment to support the sustainability of our employees and the services they provide. Access to services and the capabilities of our staff. With broader agreements, including joint commitments to improve investment, healthcare committees work closely with general practice to build services in ways that benefit patients when faced with major challenges. And improve. “

However, Dr. Phil White, chair of the General Practitioners’ Committee (GPC) Wales, described linking wage rewards to contract changes as “inappropriate.”

“Investing in capacity will help alleviate current pressures and welcome the deficit that GPs face with human resources to provide the services they want,” he said. Said.

“There is also a welcome effort to ensure in practice breathing space to develop and train teams to better recognize patient needs. The GP provides the best possible patient experience. We promise to help our staff to provide high quality service. For our patients.

“GP and its team want to provide patients with the best possible access. Often they are working beyond the contract, but with the pressure the patient faces in the profession and the existing ones. It is important to understand what the workforce can realistically provide.

“Simply put, GPs working in primary care are not enough to manage current demand levels. This is labeled for alternative services if the patient is considered more appropriate. That means you may have to wait to see the GP when you need it.

“The Government of Wales believes it understands the existential challenges facing GP practice and is committed to continuing to work together to give patients access to more resource-rich general care services in the future. To do.”

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Wales' new GP contract vows to end "morning scramble" to make a reservation

SourceWales' new GP contract vows to end "morning scramble" to make a reservation

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