Wales allows two households to meet indoors earlier than planned | Wales

The Welsh government is pushing for some relaxation of coronavirus restrictions, allowing two households to meet indoors a week earlier than previously planned.

As new Covid-19 infections diminish, gyms, leisure centers and outdoor organized activities will also be resumed.

First Welsh Minister Mark Drakeford “Improvement” of public health situation Vaccination program This means you can make changes to previously announced plans.

Welsh government said Thursday that coronavirus cases Wales This week, down from 37 per 100,000 to less than 21, the number of people with Covid-19 in hospital beds is 89, the lowest since September 22nd.

under Timetable change Organized outdoor activities of up to 30 people will be able to tell the story from April 26th instead of May 3rd.

From April 26th, wedding receptions for up to 30 people will also be allowed outdoors. This is also a week earlier than the previous announcement.

Reopening of gyms, leisure centers and fitness facilities will be permitted from May 3rd and will be one week ahead of schedule from May 10th. This includes individual or one-on-one training, but does not include exercise classes.

The Extended Household Regulations allow two households to meet and contact indoors from May 3rd instead of May 10th.

According to the Welsh government, all dates are “provided that public health remains good” and will be confirmed in a review of coronavirus regulation on April 22.

Drakeford said: “The public health situation in Wales continues to improve thanks to everything you do to help control this terrible virus.

“The number of cases of the virus is decreasing, and our incredible vaccination program is becoming more and more powerful.

“Thanks to the improvements we continue to see, we can move forward with some plans.

“This is only possible because everyone is striving to protect themselves and their loved ones.”

Other restrictions will continue to be relaxed starting Monday.

This includes returning children to school, returning all learners after the age of 16 to further education and training centers, and reopening the university campus for a fusion of face-to-face and online learning. ..

All remaining non-essential retail and close contact services will be resumed.

Restrictions on access to Wales will also be lifted, but people will not be able to travel to countries outside the Common Travel Area (UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Ireland) without reasonable reason.

As long as it is safe, the restrictions on political solicitation will be lifted and reservations will be allowed to “visit” the wedding.

From April 26th, reopening of outdoor attractions such as amusement parks and theme parks may be permitted. The date has not changed.

Outdoor hospitality in cafes, pubs and restaurants will resume on the same date.

Wales allows two households to meet indoors earlier than planned | Wales

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