VR employee training platform Moonhub raises £ 2m

London-based startup firm Moonhub has raised £ 2m in seed funding for its virtual reality (VR) employee training software.

Moonhub sells VR headphones and off-the-shelf training software, as well as custom solutions that can be integrated with the organization’s current learning management system.

It aims to provide a modern alternative to workplace learning with fully immersive VR training for a variety of sectors.

Clients using Moonhub’s virtual training platform include takeaway delivery firm Just Eat, as well as private home care company Anglian Care.

By creating an immersive simulation of the training field, Moonhub believes that practical knowledge can be passed on to employees in a more efficient way. Its training software can also provide companies with performance analytics of employee progress.

Moonhub claims to improve employee recruitment and retention at a time when many businesses are struggling to resign.

The actual process of training through Moonhub is not unlike a VR video game. Employees are placed in a virtual environment and can score points by performing work-related tasks efficiently.

“Our patent filed five years ago shows that Moonhub has always had a laser-focused vision of what VR training in the workplace should look like,” said Moonhub CEO Dami Hastrup.

“As our client list grows and moves to expand our off-the-shelf training library, we are delighted to grow our team as we seek to establish ourselves as a name in the VR training space.”

The £ 2m seed funding round was led by Pi Labs, with participation from Ada Ventures, 1818 Venture Capital and a series of angel investors.

“The future of the workplace remains one of the most speculative aspects of the built environment,” said Pi Labs founder and CEO Faisal Butt.

“From our perspective as proptech investors, firms will need to identify skills gaps and develop targeted training strategies for a geographically dispersed workforce due to the evolution of workplace strategies.”

“Because Moonhub can be deployed across multiple sectors, to speed up boarding, improve performance and improve soft skills, the market will be seismic for this in the years to come.”

Last month Pi Labs launched a $ 90m proptech fund.

VR employee training platform Moonhub raises £ 2m

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