Vogue Williams will send her and Spencer’s children to an Irish school

Soon I will be a mother of three Vogue Williams Already thinking about the future of her family as her and her husband Spencer Matthews rear The couple bought a jersey house..

Presenter, People suffering from nausea in their third pregnancyAdmitted that Vogue was “worried” about the British school system and said she wanted to see her and her 33-year-old Spencer’s children go to school in Ireland.

Talking to Vicky Pattison on her podcast, 36-year-old The Secret To Vogue, who has homes in London and House in her hometown of Dublin, Ireland, talks about her experience while she was in school. I talked to the Geordie Shore star.

“The Irish school system is great. The school system here, I’m worried … it’s such a teaching system here,” she shared.

Vogue Williams wants to send his children to an Irish school

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“I was attending an Irish school. You were super rich and then had kids who were sent to school by the government. No one knew you were different and you were all Together.”

She continued: “It’s not that split, and I don’t really like the split here, it worries me a bit, and I don’t want it for them.

“I want everyone to have a better way to grow … In my experience, they are better off going to Irish schools with a good school system.”

Vogue Williams says school education in Ireland is not as divided as in the UK

Vogue revealed that Williams wasn’t really her name after asking if Vicky changed her name after marrying Made in Chelsea Spencer.

“By the way, it’s not Vogue Williams anymore, is it Vogue Matthews?” She asked the star, she replied: “I didn’t really change that.

“What do you know? Strange story. It’s Vogue Wilson, I was born as Vogue Williams, but my stepfather wanted me to change my name to Wilson. ”

Vogue and Spencer are now expecting a third child

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She explained: “I was legally changed to Wilson, but I always used Williams because it was my birth name.”

It was after Vogue bravely stated that she and Spencer were “the worst pregnant women in history” after announcing that she and Spencer would be parents again.

“We’re very happy, but I feel like I’m always pregnant … I don’t know about 4, we always said that 4 and 3 are good numbers,” she said. I told Vicky.

Vogue Williams says she is “the worst pregnant person”

“I’m the worst pregnant woman in the world. I’m always crouching. You know when people say,” I love getting pregnant. ”

“I’m like,’Really? Which part of it?'”

The two mothers confessed, “Morning sickness is sick all day long. I feel sick when I wake up in the middle of the night.”

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Vogue Williams will send her and Spencer's children to an Irish school

Source link Vogue Williams will send her and Spencer's children to an Irish school

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