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Virtual workshop on sustainable construction to combat climate change

This initiative is being carried out by the Guatemala Green Building Council (GGBC) in collaboration with the British Embassy.

The # BuildingToCOP26 Workshop aims to unify the language of sustainable construction in Guatemala to clarify its importance and sector role in climate change mitigation and adaptation actions. The purpose is to establish a communication channel between relevant parties in the construction sector to form actionable alliances.

COP26 is the annual meeting of the Parties under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Held in the United Kingdom, COP26 demonstrates the actions of all countries, civil society, businesses and individuals to accelerate the implementation of the objectives of the Paris Agreement to protect the environment.

COP26 positions the building sector as the subject of change to transform the climate crisis. Buildings account for almost 40% of the world’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and 35% of energy consumption. However, sustainable buildings can provide efficient and cost-effective mitigation solutions.

Virtual workshops will be open to public and private sector stakeholders with leadership, influence and action roles in the construction sector of Guatemala.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Guatemala: Climate Change and the Role of Infrastructure and Buildings

  • Construction Sector Methodology and Technology

  • Sustainable construction myths and reality

  • Urban challenges to provide sustainable infrastructure

Pamela Castellán, Executive Director of GGBC, said:

Our commitment as a sector refocuses on reducing carbon emissions through a nationally determined contribution (NDC) to achieve zero and strengthening action to reduce resilience and vulnerability. You need to hit.

Nick Whittingham, the British Ambassador to Guatemala, said:

The British Embassy seeks to promote sustainable development by increasing the capacity of the construction sector in the fight against climate change.

Juan Carlos Barrensela, president of GGBC, mentioned.

Our goal is to demonstrate the importance of sustainability in health, natural resources and economic issues at the national and international levels.

The modality of these workshops is through scholarships given to actors selected by the British Embassy and GGBC. If you would like to participate direccion@guatemalagbc.org..

Virtual workshop on sustainable construction to combat climate change

SourceVirtual workshop on sustainable construction to combat climate change

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