Virtana announces the first integrated platform for migrating, optimizing, and managing hybrid and multi-cloud environments-

Artificial intelligence enables a “know before you go” approach, with a return on investment of up to 145%.

Virtana today announced the industry’s first integrated platform for migrating, optimizing, and managing application workloads across public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. Using the artificial intelligence of IT operations (AIOps) technologies such as machine learning and advanced data analytics, the cloud-agnostic Virtana Platform solves the most difficult challenges facing companies looking to leverage the public cloud. .. The platform enables a “know before execution” approach by providing intelligent observability for migrating workloads. Also, when your workload runs in the cloud, you can avoid unexpected cost and performance degradation.

The Virtana platform allows companies to make data-driven migration decisions and do the right thing every time a workload is migrated. The integrated platform dramatically simplifies workload optimization and management, regardless of location within the increasingly complex IT infrastructure. The hybrid infrastructure optimization capabilities of the Virtana platform can deliver up to 145% return on investment (ROI) over a three-year period. The benefits of ROI are the conclusions of the Total Economic Impact ™ study., Commissioned by Virtana and run independently by Forrester in July 2020.

“The industry is hungry for a comprehensive solution that supports a simple, cost-effective and seamless transition from traditional data centers to the latest multi-cloud hybrid estates,” he said. Michelle Curtis, Vice President of Emerging Solutions at Presidio, A leading IT solution provider and longtime Virtana partner. “The new Virtana integrated hybrid and multi-cloud optimization platform will serve as rocket fuel for the Presidio cloud and digital infrastructure portfolio, ensuring that Presidio and Virtana are a winning combination for our clients.”

“Companies recognize the value of the public cloud,” he said. Virtana President and CEO Kash Shaikh.. “Many people are already moving their workloads to one or more public clouds. COVID-19 has accelerated their interest. But we are still in the early stages of public cloud adoption. Many say they’ve reverted some of their workloads. When asked why, companies don’t know where to start and lack the tools and visibility to help plan and execute migrations. He states that he finds that managing workloads across hybrid environments is complex. “

“We’re doing a lot of work with the Virtana platform to simplify cloud migration and hybrid cloud management,” he added. Sheikh. “The Virtana platform provides intelligent observability with data insights that allow businesses to know before they go.”

Virtana Platform: Intelligent, Integrated, Flexible

The Virtana platform is built on a combination of over 15 years of innovation and expertise in optimizing and managing hybrid IT infrastructure. Virtana already offers industry-leading standalone solutions to more than 250 global 2000 companies looking to migrate, optimize, manage, and validate workloads in public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. With the new Virtana platform, businesses can benefit from a single, intelligent, integrated and flexible platform.

Intelligent. Leveraging machine learning and advanced data analytics, the Virtana platform enables you to intelligently monitor application workloads before they move to the cloud. Workload insights include application dependencies, workload performance in different cloud environments, and the requirements of the underlying IT infrastructure. This built-in intelligence enables companies to make data-driven decisions about the workloads they move and where they are placed to meet performance and cost requirements. As the workload moves, the platform enables continuous optimization and management by providing real-time visibility and tools to perform actions.

Unification. The Virtana platform is cloud-agnostic and extends the company’s unique capabilities to integrate workload migration, optimization, and management across all major public cloud providers. This includes AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle, and VMware on AWS. This cloud-agnostic approach gives businesses the freedom to choose cloud providers based on workload performance and cost requirements. It also enables businesses to leverage their Virtana investment across future public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.

flexible. Specific functionality of the Virtana platform is provided in modules, so you can cost-effectively add functionality to your platform as needed. As new modules are offered, the Virtana platform will provide a consistent experience and seamless integration of features. In the future, all existing Virtana standalone products such as VirtualWisdom, CloudWisdom, WorkloadWisdom and Cloud Migration Readiness will be integrated into the platform. Multiple deployment options include SaaS, managed services, and on-premises. These options allow companies to choose how and where to deploy modules based on performance, cost, and security requirements.

Andrew Buss, Director of IDC Enterprise Infrastructure ResearchSaid: “Currently, there is a great focus on building modern” cloud-native “applications based on containerization, microservices and orchestration. However, a closer look reveals that most companies need to keep hosting many applications in their private cloud in addition to the ones they choose to run in the public cloud. To date, less than 20% of applications have been migrated to the public cloud, as evidenced by IDC 2020 research. Enterprises need to have true visibility across all cloud environments to achieve their strategic goals. “

2021 Virtana Platform Module

The Virtana Platform Module, available in 2021, includes Migrate, Optimise, Manage, and Validate, starting with Migrate. The Migrate module accelerates the migration of existing application workloads to the public cloud and reduces risk. With Migrate, companies can:

Know before they go. Application discovery and mapping capabilities allow companies to capture an existing set of application infrastructure along with key performance and operational metrics. This gives enterprises a complete understanding of application workloads before migrating to the public cloud.

Intelligently prioritize. The platform uses machine learning and advanced data analytics to ensure consistent performance, reduce risk and cost, and accelerate migration efforts. This intelligence allows you to identify groups of workloads that have similar resource requirements or deep interdependencies and need to be migrated together or migrated.

Select and configure for efficiency. Optimization and cloud cost optimization capabilities allow companies to choose the public cloud provider that suits their needs. It also guarantees the most efficient configuration based on risk tolerance, performance requirements, and resource consumption.

Operate optimization. Process tracking and reporting allows companies to maintain full visibility as part of standard IT operations. This requires additional migrations between public cloud providers, zones, and physical locations, allowing for continuous optimization.

A survey of IT decision makers in the United States and the United Kingdom, commissioned by Virtana in November 2020 and conducted by Arlington Research, found that 72 of the companies that moved their workloads from onsite data centers to one or more public clouds. It was confirmed that% subsequently moved some. Those backs. The main reasons cited were that applications should not have been moved to the public cloud from the beginning (41%), technical issues related to public cloud provisioning (36%), poor performance (29%), and Unexpected cloud cost (20%).

“The complexity of hybrid and multi-cloud environments is hampering digital transformation,” he said. Sheikh.. “With Virtana, companies can ensure that expert guidance and the Virtana platform are available at every stage.”


Virtana announces the first integrated platform for migrating, optimizing, and managing hybrid and multi-cloud environments-

Source link Virtana announces the first integrated platform for migrating, optimizing, and managing hybrid and multi-cloud environments-

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