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Violent attacks on police officers are “more common now” | UK | News

“I couldn’t count the number of badly beaten and abused police officers I visited in hospitals and at home,” said Dame Cressida Dick.

She hit critics of armchairs and delved into the government, adding that the Metropolitan Police Department said police were “worthy of a salary increase” and “believed that the public supported us.”

Cressida Dame said it was “especially weakened” when politicians jumped into the social media turmoil.

She said at a meeting of the Directors Guild of Police yesterday: “Violence against police officers has become more common and somehow seems to be unimaginably accepted.

“I do not tolerate the abuse of officers or anyone in fact, but especially those who serve the general public.

“When we learn of such abuse, we deal with it. People quickly judge and comment on our actions. Often there are no details or facts.”

She said 20 police officers were attacked daily in London, half injured and five victims of hate crimes.

In the tacit understanding, Met’s boss added: “Of course, the number of actual assaults and abuses is much higher. We know that there are still few reports from police officers. They are doing a great job. And the citizens always owe them. Thank you very much. I am. “

Dame Cressida condemned constant criticism of the board, admitting:

“Not just the police, but broader, we’re probably involved in a broader polarization.

“We believe in evidence, and we must provide accurate facts and evidence to the general public and courts.

“In the last few months … I’ve seen individual police officers make quick decisions based on the viral clip section of the footage showing some of the incidents and used information before the full situation is known. It is dangerous to rush to such a decision. It undermines the legitimacy of the police and may make the police feel that they need to think twice, or even volunteer for that role. “

The Scotland Yard chief said the criticism was particularly weakened when it came from people in public life who “need to understand at least some of the risks of jumping to complexity and false conclusions.” It suits them that we have to be fair. “

Cressida Dame told the supervisor: “All of you will have contributed to making the police service of 2029 even better than it is today.

“It will bring more powerful results. It will be more diverse. It will be scrutinized in the same way or more, but I pray with a more constructive understanding.”

Violent attacks on police officers are “more common now” | UK | News

SourceViolent attacks on police officers are “more common now” | UK | News

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