Vilicom, BT and UK academia are funding to lead 5G and AI research

UK-based wireless technology provider and mobile communication system integrator Vilicom, along with BT Labs, the University of Bristol and Loughborough University, is funding to participate in major 5G and artificial intelligence (AI) scientific research. Was awarded.

As part of a research grant, Vilicom focuses on using AI to create cognitive 5G networks using Massive MIMO technology that automatically adapts to traffic patterns, user behavior, and external factors. And work on defining business and technology use cases.

Vilicom Data Scientists work on data structure creation and integration and development of AI algorithms for network operation and descriptive and normative analysis of user experience quality data, planning network expansion and optimization actions Supports decision-making when making decisions.

The R & D initiative, led by Innovate UK under the CelticNext International Framework, is called the Large-Scale Multi-Input Multi-Output (AIMM) Project for Artificial Intelligence. The purpose of AIMM is primarily to explore potential applications for AI in 5G Radio Access Networks (RANs) to improve the performance of Massive MIMO technology, demonstrating attempts to achieve ubiquitous access. Base after 5G.

Consider two aspects. A bottom-up approach that optimizes the wireless interface, a new antenna structure and deployment technology, and a top-down approach that uses AI to improve management and optimize RAN at the system level.

In both applications, Vilicom not only provides technical improvements over existing technologies and architectures, but also identifies and evaluates “new” solutions for achievable differences in cost and ease of implementation. It states that it will be done.

Marc Ibanez, managing director of Vilicom, explained that the grant was a major step forward for the company and a testament to its ability to innovate.

“Vilicom’s R & D team’s expertise has already been proven in the legacy of continuous testing of 5G and AI technologies that helped build a valuable body of knowledge to support innovation in the field of mobile connectivity.” He said. “We are delighted to work with our dedicated partners. We look forward to not only sharing decades of industry experience, but also absorbing learning from our telecommunications partners and peers. . “

Adrian Sharples, Head of Wireless and Mobile Research at BT, said: “We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with our partners on this collaborative project, which provides a variety of perspectives on optimizing mobile radio access networks using AI.

“BT is ready to play our part and lead the definition of the AIMM Consortium’s business models and use cases. Innovative use of network performance data to scale capacity and deliver on wireless networks We are confident that more and more differentiated services will bring new benefits to our customers. “

Vilicom, BT and UK academia are funding to lead 5G and AI research

Source link Vilicom, BT and UK academia are funding to lead 5G and AI research

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