Video Surveillance: Table-Turner Trends Awaiting in 2021 & Beyond

We can’t deny that 2020 has been a happening year, and we have manifested revolutionary technical rends. And, those have hyped us to get ready for something new; the security industry is under the magnifying glass of the tech-enthusiasts. The video surveillance system is one of the major components of the security industry. If we have to rewind the performance graph of the video surveillance technology trends, then there are cloud storage, analytics, and much more.

On the other hand, video surveillance technology is reshaping various industries. Whether it’s corporate, health sectors, or travel industries, the demand for precise video surveillance has increased. In the era of social unrest and divisiveness, security measures are something that can’t be overlooked. Now, we are going to discover the video surveillance technology trends unfolding in 2021 and upcoming years.

Customers Demand Cloud Storage

We are aware of the fact that business tycoons use a great portion of cloud storage for operating business purposes. However, the beginning was not that easy. And, the world is witnessing the same leaning over cloud technology for video surveillance or CCTV installation and monitoring purposes. It’s undeniable that the use of cloud storage adds a different magnitude in terms of flexibility of the working mechanism.

Meanwhile, access to cloud storage and technology has made it easier for employees to continue work from home movements. When the days were tough during the pandemic situation, cloud technology has kept productivity running for millions of industries. However, coming to video surveillance technology, cloud storage is a preferred medium for storing those video clips.

Currently, 10 per cent of video surveillance storage is available on cloud technology. The rest of the video surveillance authorities still put their faith in local computers and servers. But, the scenario is getting modified day by day. People are getting a better acceptance of the power and flexibility of using cloud interfaces. Additionally, cloud storage is much more convincing rather than local storages due to the following reasons:

  • Unlimited storage options
  • Stability and scalability
  • Disaster recovery
  • Remote access
  • High data security

Lastly, cloud storage is an open platform that reduces the overhead cost for storing video surveillance clips. CCTV installation and registering for cloud technology have become inseparable quantities since cloud technology has redefined the definition of longevity and reliability.

Artificial Intelligence is again on the Driver’s Seat

Needless to say, Artificial Intelligence is causing a huge technical wave in all the possible streams of life. Everything has turned data-driven, and all the credit goes to the advent of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With the help of these two technology trends, businesses are overcoming decent challenges.

Maybe, the applications of Artificial Intelligence are beyond the scope of your realization based on your daily lifestyle. For example, you search a query on Google or post a reaction on Facebook, some kind of Artificial Intelligence algorithm might be active behind those activities. Hopefully, they are equally helpful in maintaining security standards.

And, what has Artificial Intelligence done to security systems or video surveillance technology trends? Be it video analytics, recognising anomalies, or filtering the false alarms — you name it, and Artificial Intelligence initiates its work. Apart from this, AI-powered trends have improved operator efficiency and proactive monitoring. No wonder why the security market is destined to witness a surge of 18.64% in the use of Artificial Intelligence within the time span from 2019 to 2024.

Besides AI-powered tools, Deep Learning has accelerated the expectations from security market trends. This technology is aiding in analytic expertise. In addition to this, this trend is helping in counting people, detecting crowds, and so on. No wonder such AI-triggered technologies would open up a new horizon in the strict regulations of the new normal.

Range of Video Surveillance Components Evolving

Video surveillance systems have now become attached to cloud storage and the Internet of Things. There are countless tools of video surveillance and security trends available in the market. In addition to this, we can witness a wide range of the latest video surveillance compliance requirements. Be it a different industry or a different continent, regulation of video surveillance and related security factors has become a mandatory requirement. Here are a few of the newest video surveillance components that are creating the buzz:

1.    Body-Worn Cameras

Well, this approach might appear invasive when it comes to privacy. There’s a slight difference between security and privacy factors. However, body-worn cameras are great for offering diligent security and detailed video surveillance when police officers use them. According to the technical prophecy, body-worn cameras won’t be limited within the police and relevant defence systems.

Apart from these sectors, body-worn cameras would create a history in the healthcare support, home service operators, and cleaning staff. In addition to this, food delivery services, massage therapists, and nurses might require the same technology for enhanced security systems. That’s why the market for body-worn cameras is going to manifest a compound growth rate of sixteen per cent within 2025.

2.    Payment Security

Credit card frauds are nothing new. That’s why businesses that operate credit card operations every day should be compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI DSS. And, video surveillance can definitely improve the payment monitoring and data accessing standards. To prevent the circumstances where the credit details can be compromised, sensitive areas are under the check of video surveillance. This would surely help to indulge in a quick but effective investigation.

3.    Healthcare

In the premises of healthcare services, video surveillance can play a major role in monitoring the patient and the healthcare executives. The video security system can keep the patients and their relatives in that area well-informed and assured. Apart from the patients, medical staff, and visitors, the authorities feel safe within a tight surveillance facility. Additionally, the safety of the medical records is under observation on behalf of video surveillance trends.

4.    Agricultural Revolution

How can video surveillance technology help with agricultural industries? When farmers are far away from the “Barnes”, they can eye on the crop development and livestock with video surveillance technologies. With the help of the Internet of Things and cloud storage technology, farmers can directly access videos that are directly from the fields or Barnes.

Currently, the 4G technology is helping farmers to stream high-quality video content from any corner of the world. The legislation regarding cannabis production is different in different countries. So, the interested farmers can engage in remote agricultural monitoring for such controversial agricultural productions.

5.    Education Hub

When students are not able to overcome geological barriers, video surveillance is showing them the right way towards education. Be it a remote classroom ambience or a special education initiative, and video surveillance has been really helpful. On the other hand, when students can’t register complaints against any mistreatment in absence of the evidence, video monitoring can resolve the issue, effectively.

Remote Security Options

Well, you might have already manifested a few instances where remote security solutions aren’t an option any more; rather, the prime requirement. You might question how a virtual component can drive the security standards. The virtual safeguard can make wonders when you can lead to the right combination of technologies. For example, you can take the help of security cameras and motion-detection alarms to maintain high-level security.

In addition to this, drone systems with alarm detection are capable of covering more areas for security reasons. They are ready to protect a defined perimeter along with mobile monitoring. Moreover, you can program the attached tools and applications to decide the requisite action. As implemented for the immediate future, the business can reduce the chances of infections by tracking the record of social distancing parameters among staff.

As a long-term benefit, security measures can offer edge-cutting technologies to businesses. Businesses can improve their sensitive threat detection services that can safeguard the business security edges.

IT Industries Embracing Video Surveillance

IT leaders are more into security systems. Apart from old-security protocols, digital age security or cybersecurity measures have become an inseparable part of IT industries. The operation overhead can be reduced efficiently with the right approach to cybersecurity strategies. The internet and the open platforms might invite threats to the computer network of the organisation.

The associates regarding the security system are keeping an eye on networks such as email, accounting software, customer relationship management, etc. Surveillance cameras have a vulnerability factor in securing the components of the company. In addition to this, video surveillance technologies can contribute to a lower cost for security reasons. Core business applications such as access control, process control, point of sale can be integrated with video surveillance technologies. Therefore, video surveillance systems are playing a magical wand in the IT industry.

No-Contact Technologies

The pandemic era has made us realise the importance of no-contact technologies. With the advent of superior video surveillance technology, facial recognition technology has come to the rescue. Additionally, licence plate recognition and similar services are helping people in avoiding physical touch. Thus, you can mitigate the contact issues with video surveillance technologies.

With the help of AI integration, monitoring over the minute details has become way easier. Video analytics software can efficiently count people, detect motion, read the license plates, and much more. Smart parking systems have improved security and safety measures. Undoubtedly, this would assist people in maintaining social distancing rules and regulations.

The adoption of this trend has already started in 2020. For 2021, we can expect more development companies would show their interest in implementing such video surveillance and related security practices. They are going to offer a pocket-friendly cost along with consistent improvements and updates from the cloud technology services.

Open & Connected Interfaces

Now, we have access to different network-enabled devices apart from smartphones and tablets. It can be the voice controllers such as Alexa, fitness tracker, thermostat systems, or doorbell camera. The advent of the Internet of Things has made gadgets connected for a better living. People are getting influenced by the benefits of the technology, and video surveillance guarantees in-house and commercial security standards.

On the other hand, automation, productivity, control, and real-time access have increased the demands for such open-source platforms. Additionally, the VMS platform can handle the controlling of the cameras, video recording, transmitting and receiving video clips, storing them to cloud storage, etc. All the integrated applications make the usage easier and secure. The intervention of video surveillance technologies keeps cybersecurity advantages intact.

Subscription Models are in Demand

Well, this is not a prediction, rather than a fact. Video Surveillance as a Service offers cloud storage hosting for domestic and commercial uses. Millennials are preferring subscription-based video surveillance services for the following reasons:

1.    Cost-Effectiveness

In case you’re thinking that video surveillance services are going to be a financial burden on you then you’re misguided. The VSaaS model subscription has come to cutting-edge technological innovation. As a piece of good news, a video surveillance subscription comes with a minimal operating cost. In addition to this, the upfront expense is too within limits. So, high-quality video surveillance services are available at a budgetary expense.

2.    Installation, Hassle-Free

CCTV installation and surveillance compliance have gone easy. Meanwhile, the deployment of video surveillance technology and the affiliation of the cloud services are maintained by the service provider. Additionally, you can avail continuous support for the surveillance and management of the system.

3.    Flexible and Scalable Entities

The main objective of a subscription model for video surveillance is its cloud support system. The shared cloud technology provides enough flexibility and storage options for unlimited video surveillance clips. The economic burden is significantly reduced with the help of cloud technology.

4.    Bandwidth Efficiency

Well, the cost of video surveillance services depends on the consumption of bandwidth. And, it might increase your headache when you think that the overall service is going to prick a hole in your pocket. But, cloud services have a strict mechanism over bandwidth consumption. It helps in regulating bandwidth usage without hampering the quality of video surveillance.

Ultimate Prediction: The Advent of 5G Technology

Mobile communication trends are going to experience the next level of speed, reinforcement, and reliability with 5G. According to the trusted sources, 5G is expected to convey ten times faster than the current 4G LTE connection. With the intervention of the 5G network, video surveillance technology can access more data and speed to transmit the videos to dedicated devices or cloud storage. On the other hand, retrieving data or video clips from cloud storage would be similarly easy with 5G-operated video surveillance compliance and requirements.

Additionally, 5G technology would allow streaming video recordings on countless devices at the same time. Along with real-time monitoring and access, the security industries are going to witness the biggest ever communication revolution. With the widespread adoption of video surveillance and 5G technology, the real game is yet to start.

When Predictions Meet Possibilities

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, and equivalent technologies are empowering the scopes of video surveillance. However, these are the latest trends that are governing the video surveillance and security industries. No doubt, these trends would benefit the entire mankind and education, healthcare, and business structures for the upcoming years.

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