Video conferencing does not have to be live

If this is not an email, I may send you a video instead.

We have all been accustomed to video conferencing for the past two years. But when it comes to asynchronous or non – simultaneous communication, we mostly fall back to the medium of tried and true emails.

Email is good for many things, but it’s lousy at expressing emotions or personality, delivering a demo, or displaying a scene. There’s a better video for that.

“Video messaging conveys the personality of the messenger in a way that the best written email struggles to do,” said Eric Burns, CEO. Panopto, a video content management company. “It’s much better to have someone talk to you through a spreadsheet than to share a leaflet and a document.”

Panopto is one of a growing number of companies developing ways to make asynchronous videos practical and easy for all types of tasks now handled by email or live meetings. For product demonstrations and walks, the value of videos is clear, but advocates say there are other ways the medium can be used to make organizations more productive.

Reflecting on the meeting

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Video conferencing does not have to be live

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