Victoria Beckham sends fans wild with David’s snap at Spiceworld Christmas Jumper

Spice Girls Fans are happy! Not only is there something like a Christmas jumper in Spiceworld, it’s fully modeled by Posh Spice’s husband, David Beckham.

Victoria Beckham I went to Instagram on Sunday, December 12th and took a picture with my husband, a soccer player who proudly showed off his new SpiceWorld jumper.

There is a big globe in the center of the blue festival jumper, around which there is a banner of “Spice World”, and snowflakes are scattered to make the festival more exciting.

David combined jumpers with shirts, ties and fitted suit pants, and was the envy of Spice Girls fans around the world.

David Beckham proudly unveiled the Spice World Christmas jumper

The moment David was pointing at the jumper, Victoria stood next to him, holding David’s hand on his shoulder with his other hand and signing peace with his hand.

The second photo shows David posing in front of a wreath-clad doorway.

Victoria captioned the post: “Now it’s Christmas jumper Beckham!”

Two of Victoria’s fellow Spice Girls immediately commented on the photo.

Baby Spice Emma Bunton does it "The best Christmas jumper ever"
Baby Spice Emma Bunton has branded it as “the best Christmas jumper ever”

Romeo Beckham and girlfriend Mia Regan take style clues from Victoria and David in suitable outfits
David and Victoria have been married for 22 years

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“The best Christmas jumper ever !!!!,” commented Baby Spice Emma Bunton as Melanie Cism (sporty spice) with a laughing face emoji.

Many others were similarly impressed. “The best Christmas jumper ever!” Wrote as someone else described this post as “everything.”

Meanwhile, dozens of Victoria’s followers answered with a series of heart-eye pictograms.

Earlier this week Victoria debuted a luxurious Christmas tree That she has in one of her stores in a video with Romeo’s girlfriend Mia (Mimi) Regan.

Romeo's girlfriend, a tree towering over Mimi
Romeo’s girlfriend, a tree towering over Mimi

In the festive montage, Mimi can be seen standing next to a brightly decorated tree towering over the age of 19.

Victoria also showed off the festive window decorations of the store, which had wreaths around it, and the same trivial things as those on the tree.

Fashion tycoons haven’t properly shown the festive decorations at Beckham’s family home yet, but her friend Emma Bunton is working hard with her for the holiday season. ..

In an Instagram story shared by gorgeous flower designer Early Hours London, you could see Emma’s doorway in an impressive “Christmas Doorscape” adorned with pink and gold boring things.

The post was captioned “CHRISTMAS DOORS CAPE”.

“Celebration installation of @emmaleebunton. Creation of @ earlyhoursltd.

“A romantic doorscape scene for each season, dotted with leaves, pampas, pine cones, berries, and boring metal.”

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Victoria Beckham sends fans wild with David's snap at Spiceworld Christmas Jumper

Source link Victoria Beckham sends fans wild with David's snap at Spiceworld Christmas Jumper

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