Vicky Patterson shares an “imminent” plan to freeze her eggs to break the relationship

Vicky Patterson Recently, a plan to freeze eggs has been opened, and since then, he has explained: understood! She is doing it for her “future happiness” and to remove any pressure from her relationship.

The procedure is expensive — — And it was done Return Vicky to a stunning £ 10,000 — — But the former Geordie Shore Star, 34, said he could “do it (on his own) from the chance of becoming a mother” by not doing so, so he plans to start the process “soon.”

She also revealed that she didn’t want to rush her relationship because of her body clock.

Vicky has been dating Ercan Ramadan for three years now.

While the pair is happy and cohabiting, Ercan is Vicky’s six-year junior, and TV stars don’t want to rush him to give birth if he’s not ready yet.

Vicky Patterson and Ercan Ramadan have been dating for three years

Vicky talks about the “effect of time” of women in their thirties, saying: But fortunately or unfortunately, no matter how you look at it, I have those time effects, so I’m trying not to put pressure on my relationship with Ercan. Take a positive step and enjoy taking a few more years to get to know each other. I think it’s suitable for us.

“I’ve been in a hurry to build relationships over the years of my life. It’s great to finally feel like I’m with the right person and take my time.”

“That’s the only thing I’m jealous of boys,” Vicky continued.

Vicky and Ercan also became parents of Labrador Milo's proud dogs earlier this year.
Vicky and Ercan are the proud parents of Labrador Milo

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“I’m jealous of the boy not having to menstruate, and even if I and Ercan don’t go well, he’s pretty happy to spend time finding someone else and the next kid I’m jealous of being able to give birth. For me it’s very time sensitive, but 10 years. It’s probably my only bugbear of being a female. “

Discuss the cost of freezing eggs, Vicky said understood!: “I thought it was very expensive. I was talking Vogue Williams About it in my podcast, and I was like, “What the hell, it’s like £ 10,000.” You know, I actually thought of myself, yes, it’s £ 10,000, but you have to think, it’s your future happiness.

“I was talking Amy Heart Obviously going through the process on her own, she was very nice with advice about it — — She gave me a little bit of cost, price and all the breakdown.

Vicky Patterson faints in a hot pink dress with Helen Flanagan at Primark's Christmas Bash
Former Geordie Shore said freezing her eggs was “for her future happiness.”

“I just thought of myself.” Wait a minute. Vicky, you don’t think twice a year about buying a designer handbag, but for thousands of pounds, you’re potentially doing yourself out of chance. Becoming a mother. “

“You have to bite the bullet and accept that it’s an important precaution to take,” the 34-year-old added.

“I think (freezing an egg) is a way to regain control, not when told by the womb, but to enjoy living on your timeline and taking action that suits you. “

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Vicky Patterson shares an "imminent" plan to freeze her eggs to break the relationship

Source link Vicky Patterson shares an "imminent" plan to freeze her eggs to break the relationship

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