Vicky Patterson reveals the main things she wouldn’t do when she marries her boyfriend Elcan Ramadan

VICKY Pattison has become a popular name in the last 12 years, but isn’t ready to change anytime soon.

A 34-year-old television personality revealed that she had no plans to change her name when she married her ex-Tweester boyfriend, Elcan Ramadan.


Vicky Patterson said he wouldn’t change his name after he got married


The TV personality said she had worked for 12 years to be recognized for the right reason

Geordie’s beauty ruled out the name change, admitting she didn’t want to “give up her identity” after spending more than a decade building a successful brand.

Talking to presenter Vogue Williams in The Secret To Podcast, the Irish model revealed that her real name is Vogue Wilson.

She was born as Williams, but after her stepfather her name was legally changed to Wilson, but the star explained that she was still using Williams in public.

this is Vicky Thinking about her future married name.

I am a celebrity winner. “I just had this conversation with the Gram team. The make-up artist hasn’t changed her name.

“I was like … Vicky Ramadan, I’m just putting it out, it’s a proper no from me.”

The master chef star said her name represents her name after working hard to be recognized in the industry.

She explained: “For many reasons, I worked for 12 years to be recognized as Vicky Patterson and was recognized for the right reason, not for some of the wrong reasons I was initially known.

“I was recognized for being kind, diligent, and using my platform forever.

“I wonder why we suddenly have to give up all our identities because we decided to spend our lives together. Would you like to give up on your companion?”

Steph’s Packed Lunch Star Vogue agreed, “The only thing is that it’s your title, so you can’t change it … it’s always your title.”

Vicky and Ercan have been empowering over the last three years.

Earlier this year, the pair moved out of their luxury apartment In a stunning new homeWorth £ 1.5 million.

The house has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 large drawing rooms and a stylish kitchen.

Vicky talked about her movements on Instagram and shared a photo of one of her outstretched with her laughing happily at the front door.

She captioned the happy image as follows: Decorate it and turn it into our dream home.

“I discussed posting this because the last thing I want to do is come across as a self-righteous or bloody show-off, especially in the year that brought so many difficulties to so many people. ..

“But I’m always very honest on Instagram, showing both good and bad, and it’s just as important to celebrate the win as we own the loss. So here to go.”

The couple also recently added a new addition to their family in the form of the adorable Labrador Milo.

Vicky and Ercan first I moved together last AugustNine months after her split with former fiancé John Noble.

Vicky has done things Businessman John after being caught approaching a mysterious woman in Dubai..

She kicked him out of the house they bought together, Canceled engagement – A few months before you plan to get married.

Shortly after this she found love with her again Tweestar Ercan – She met in February 2019 and has been loved ever since.


Vicky said he wanted to lose his identity if he changed his name
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Vicky Patterson reveals the main things she wouldn’t do when she marries her boyfriend Elcan Ramadan

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