Vicky Patterson fears “no baby” after diagnosis of cyst

Vicky Patterson After she was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst, she talked about her fear that she would never give birth to a baby.

former Geordie Shore With a star I’m a celebrity! winner, A person who recently revealed plans to freeze eggs, About open Diagnosis of her ovarian cyst after experiencing a painful period last year..

Talking to the sun, the 34-year-old explained how she was immediately “obsessed” with her chances of having a child with her boyfriend, Elcan Ramadan, after she was diagnosed.

“Of course, that was my main concern. I warn that cysts can make it difficult to get pregnant naturally,” she said.

“When I left the doctor, that was all I was thinking. I didn’t even care about the pain anymore, it was what I stuck with.”

Vicky Patterson revealed last year that he plans to freeze eggs in 2022.

Following her diagnosis, Vicky and her boyfriend Ercan, 37, discussed alternatives to starting a family.

“Ercan told me a nice scolding encouragement, he said.

“He doesn’t always bless it right, but he nailed it there.”

Vicky announced the diagnosis on Instagram at the end of November last year, admitting that he was relieved to know the cause of the pain for the first time in a while, but it was not the information he expected.

Since posting, she has sought comfort on social media from others in similar positions.

Vicky shared her cyst diagnosis with her followers in a frank Instagram post

“All of these beautiful women chatting with us on Instagram have heard similar things when they were young and, of course, have given birth to really healthy and happy children,” she said. Told Sun.

“At first I was a little upset and shocked. That was my main concern, but now it’s not. I think there are far worse people. You should be very lucky.

Vicky and Ercan have been dating for three years

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“I think this acted as a real catalyst. When I think something is impossible, I can feel how I really feel about it, like when I broke up with someone. You can see how much you love them. “

Vicky and Ercan We recently celebrated our 3rd anniversary together, But she says they aren’t ready for the kids yet – their dog Milo is good enough for now.

But they would never want to rule out having children in the near future.

“I already have a January goal-I want to learn how to drive-I leave 2022 as an af ****** driver, it’s indisputable, and I’m also an egg I’m going to have a freezer full of. “

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Vicky Patterson fears "no baby" after diagnosis of cyst

Source link Vicky Patterson fears "no baby" after diagnosis of cyst

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