Vicky Patterson admits that she “has never seen herself on television” despite her successful on-screen career.

TV star Vicky PattersonThe 34-year-old admits that he has never seen it on the screen.

former Geordie Shore Starshot has made a name for himself at the show and since then she has won the 15th series. I’m a celebrity … get me out of here! He has appeared in shows such as Loose Women, Ex on the Beach, It’s Not Me, and It’s You.

Despite the surge in fame on the screen, Vicky said all right!: “I have never seen myself on TV.”

Vicky entered after appearing in Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins. She stopped it.

Vicky Patterson, 34, admits that he has never seen it on the screen.

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Regarding his withdrawal from the hit show, Vicky explained: “I wasn’t ready. It was very hard and I was scared all the time, so I was very happy when I was done. It was very green to go home.

“Honestly, I don’t think it’s time to start. [watching myself on TV] It’s probably when you’re trying to climb a mountain with Celebrity SAS! “

Viewers saw a former Geordie Shore star calling a tough military-inspired Channel 4 show Timeson after she found an intolerable challenge.

Vicky said Celebrity SAS was very difficult
Vicky said Celebrity SAS was very difficult

Original Geordie Shore Girl, Charlotte Crosby, Holly Hargan, Vicky Pattison, Sophie Kasaei
Vicky Patterson in the Geordie Shore era

Looking back on her physically harsh times during the show, the 34-year-old on Instagram said that broadcasting the show was “the most physically difficult thing” and “the most emotionally difficult position ever”. He explained that he was “afraid”. by myself. “

Vicky too all right! About the method She’s always struggling to find a motivation to post on Instagram.

This beauty has a whopping 4.8 million Instagram followers, and she is known for her very honest posts on the grid.

Vicky "That's horrible" Celebrity SAS Broadcast
Vicky “Awesome” Celebrity SAS Aired

Vicky said: Or your day is really going well. “

She goes on to say: “The posts that I interact with most and always feel most important are those that I do when I don’t want to.

“When I have my period, when I have a hangover, when I can’t get a job, etc. It’s hard because I feel vulnerable and anxious, but when I actually open the dialogue, other women are given permission to do the same. Given.

“Every day isn’t a smile, the sun, and cotton candy, and there are days when it’s a little crap. There’s never a day when you don’t post to Instagram.”

And even though she found fame at a show where she was seen to go out a lot, Vicky explained: all right! She has exchanged her wild way for a “relaxed social atmosphere” since then.

Team up with B by Black Tower Range, Vicky talked about why she defends their low alcohol content and low calorie B with black tower white and rosé wine.

Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison begs fans not to compare with others on social media
Geordie Shore Vicky keeps it very straightforward on Instagram

“Never be a girl who is Teetotalist or cuts out a drink altogether, because it’s the way I enjoy myself, and the way I and Ercan relax, or I and the girl socialize. Because it’s a big part of the method.

“But I love the fact that it’s a lower alcohol. Glass wine is a fairly high percentage, so if you like couples and aren’t angry, it would be nice to have a slightly lower alternative.”

“I think the way you drink will change completely as you get older. You’ve changed from a heavy drinker on the weekends to a much more fond of a really nice, relaxed and sociable atmosphere.

Vicky's drinking habits changed as he got older
Vicky’s drinking habits changed as he got older

“I don’t like anything other than sitting down and having a nice supper with Ercan, spending the night with a girl and sharing wine. I think I’m a cooler and more sociable drinker than ever before. Isn’t it my age? I’m old! “

B by Black Tower White and Rosé have a low alcohol content of 5.5% and low calories, with only 55 calories per 125ml glass.

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Vicky Patterson admits that she "has never seen herself on television" despite her successful on-screen career.

Source link Vicky Patterson admits that she "has never seen herself on television" despite her successful on-screen career.

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