VC Climate launches an impact-first investment strategy

London-based Climate VC was launched today and will support start-ups focusing on climate change and carbon emissions.

Climate VC will invest in 120 early stage climate start-ups in the UK over the next three years with £ 10m to invest in the first year with at least 10 full-scale successes, each of which will reach 10 mega-tones de. CO2e per annum for ten years.

The firm has already invested in a UK renewable energy solution for the tropical island countries Global OTEC and the sustainable agroforestry of Tierra Foods.

“Our multi-tiered but laser-focused investment strategy is an ambition. We support climate change innovators who may be overlooked by other investors but who can effectively deploy their pioneering ventures in markets with the greatest potential to impact emissions.

“Some will reach impact quickly, some will require a more patient timeline, and while we may make an impact at first but investors are still looking for returns,” said Peet Denny, founder partner of Climate VC.

Founded in 2020, Climate VC is led by Peet Denny, Simrun Basuita and Andrea Emanuelli. His advisory board includes Ed Gillespie a member of the board of directors of Greenpeace, the head of the Ministry of Defense on climate change and sustainability Lt. General Richard Nugee and Marta Krupinska the leader of Google for Startups.

“What VC Climate stands out from other seed investors is their focus on creating a truly measurable impact on CO2e alongside commercial for investors. VC Climate looks beyond the immediate problem of how to operate an enterprise and focuses on the impact that that venture would have if it were viable, ”said Krupinska.

The company aims to double its funds every quarter, bringing the total to more than £ 35m by 2025.

This week Connect Earth launchedwhich collects environmental data and makes available through a developer toolkit, a £ 1.3m pre – funding round.

Other influential funds include the recent announcements of Capital Beach Elbow‘s £ 20m enterprise vehicle as well as Scottish SIS Venture First Impact Fund.

Climate VC’s announcement marks the highest ever year of investment for climate impact and technology businesses. In 2021, UK impact technology Start-ups raised £ 2bn, up from £ 1.7bn in 2020.

VC Climate launches an impact-first investment strategy

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