Vauxhall in discussions about the production of electric vans in the UK

Vauxhall receives a call from the UK’s largest fleet operator and discusses producing electric vans in the UK

  • Ongoing discussions on whether vehicles can be manufactured at Luton’s plant

Vauxhall is discussing building an electric van in the UK after being called by the UK’s largest fleet operator to speed up deployment.

It is understood that car makers owned by Peugeot’s parent group PSA have discussed whether cars can be manufactured at the Luton factory.

BT-owned Openreach is trying to bring together a coalition of potential buyers such as Royal Mail and British Gas.

Electric Dreams: Vauxhall, owned by Peugeot’s parent group PSA, is understood to have discussed whether the Luton factory could manufacture electric vans.

Vauxhall manufactures diesel-fueled Vivaro vans in Luton, but the electric version is only manufactured in France.

But last night, a Vauxhall spokesman confirmed that if demand proved strong enough, they would consider making them in the UK as well.

Such a move could potentially create thousands of jobs, reduce vehicle costs, and significantly boost the government’s push for more environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

Openreach uses 27,000 vans on its own (the second largest fleet in the UK), and yesterday broadband network operators vowed to upgrade them to electricity by 2030.

However, to further reduce costs, we are considering working with other major van users to make UK-based vehicle production commercially viable.

Clive Selley, CEO of Openreach, has highlighted the proposal, with potential allies including Royal Mail, the largest fleet with 40,000 vans, and Centrica, the owner of 13,000 British Gas. Said there is a possibility.

Serry said Openreach “wants to adopt the principle of building better,” but electric vans were still available in small numbers.

The company is discussing with the government and other large companies how to strengthen its charging infrastructure and “manufacture these vans in the UK.”

Clive Selley, CEO of Openreach, highlighted a proposal to switch to an electric van, saying potential allies could include Royal Mail and British Gas owner Centrica.

But he added: ‘We are working to persuade a major car manufacturer to introduce an electric van production line in the UK.

That is, “Can’t we aggregate demand and convince one of the manufacturers to do it?”

“Then, for example, I would like to convince Vauxhall to put the electric van line in Luton. Vauxhall accepts this idea.

If the two companies work together, the potential demand will be “hundreds of thousands” of vans, Serry said.

Openreach has already purchased Vauxhall’s French-made Vivaro electric van. They each cost about £ 36,000 plus an additional £ 4,000 for corrections.

By comparison, the diesel version starts at £ 24,000. Vauxhall has been manufacturing Vivaro in the UK since 2001 and the Luton plant employs 1,250 people.

A Vauxhall spokesman said: ‘Luton is already manufacturing an internal combustion engine version of Vivalo.

As the demand for electric versions increases further, this will have a positive effect on the business case, bringing the production of all electric versions to the plant.

Vauxhall in discussions about the production of electric vans in the UK

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