Vanessa at Selling Sunset teases her British boyfriend to appear in Season 5.

Selling sunsetVanessa Villela is teasing her boyfriend to appear in Season 5 of the hit Netflix show.

Vanessa participated in Selling Sunset at the beginning of Season 4 Fellow rookie Emma Hernan.

Vanessa, 43, and Emma, ​​29 years oldA storm hit with the viewer and he’ll be back next season-but sadly Vanessa had to miss a whopping five weeks of filming after signing Covid.

Mexican beauty has since been diagnosed and said to be a long covid She has inflammation in her brain The result of being infected with a virus in the summer.

Vanessa explained that it was an honor to participate in Selling Sunset.

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Vanessa is still part of it, even though it missed most of the next season, which is rumored to drop on Netflix at some point next year. understood! About what the viewer can expect.

“More drama”, Vanessa made fun of. “And maybe some big decisions.”

Meanwhile, she laughed when asked if she had had her romantic life as part of the show like many cast buddies.

Vanessa’s boyfriend said she was from northern England and could appear in Season 5, but the former actress said she had never discussed her personal life in the past. ..

Vanessa recently joined the Selling Sunset Cast

“I started acting when I was four, but I haven’t talked about my personal life. I was very private about it, but at the same time I feel different from him.

“I want to respect my relationship and privacy, so I want to not only talk about (my relationship), but also to inspire people that there is love, it’s beautiful and you shouldn’t. Don’t expect less than what you want, and deserve it, and that dream can come true in every aspect of your life. That’s how I feel with him. . “

“We think the same way, feel the same, and say the same thing at the same time. We make the same noise! ​​It’s crazy.”

“It’s like someone cut me out and made me a man, and vice versa.”

Vanessa said her boyfriend hasn’t received the public attention like her and hasn’t shared his photos on social media.

Vanessa discussed as well as her own up-and-coming romance Chrishell Stause When Jason OppenheimNew relationship.

“People ask me if I have any idea if that’s happening, and I always say no because I didn’t really know them before,” she said.

“I always found them very happy, sweet and compassionate, but I thought they were!”

Chris Shell and Jason confirmed their relationship during the summer

“It’s still the case,” continued Vanessa. “They are very sweet to each other and help each other.”

“I think they’re great together, and I love them so much,” she added.

Amanza Smith, a fellow at Selling Sunset, reiterated similar feelings about the new couple, saying: She wants Chris Shell and Jason to “marry and have a baby.”

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Vanessa at Selling Sunset teases her British boyfriend to appear in Season 5.

Source link Vanessa at Selling Sunset teases her British boyfriend to appear in Season 5.

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