Uvalue primary education is traumatized after police wrongly said they kept the door open for shooters

A teacher at Uvalde Elementary School says she was traumatized and ‘heartbroken’ after police mistakenly implicated her in a massacre shooter Salvador Rolando Ramos to enter the school by leaving a door open.

Police initially claimed that Ramos entered Robb Elementary School, where he killed 19 children and two teachers, through the back door, which they said teacher Emilia Marin had been hit by a rock.

Only days later, police corrected her statement to confirm that Marin had indeed closed the door when she saw the 18-year-old killer approaching, but that the door was not locked as intended.

A lawyer for Marin, Don Flanary, told CNN on Friday that those days of guilt have left Marin psychologically scarred and seeking neurological treatment.

Emilia Marin, a speech pathology clerk at Robb Elementary School, who falsely told police she could not close a door and the shooter could enter the building

Children flee to safety after escaping through a window of Robb Elementary School at the mass shooting on May 24

“She can not stop shaking,” Flanary told CNN.

‘It’s traumatic for her when it’s insinuated that she’s involved,’ Flanary said, ‘she’s injured.’

Marin was out of school helping a staff member bring food for an end-of-year party on May 24, when she saw a car crash into a ditch across the street.

She went back inside to call 911, and left the door open with a stone on the way. When she got back outside, she saw her co-worker running and she heard someone yelling ‘he has a gun!’ Flanary told CNN.

Marin saw the gunman running towards her and the door, so she kicked the rock that held it open and let it swing shut, where it would automatically lock according to design.

Salvador Rolando Ramos, 18, the gunman in the May 24 mass shooting at Robb Elementary School

This sequence of events was confirmed by Travis Considine, Chief Communications Officer for the Texas Department of Public Safety, on May 31st.

‘She came back out while on her phone, she heard someone yelling,’ He has a gun! ‘, She saw him jump the gate and that he had a gun, so she ran back inside,’ remove the stone when she did, ‘Considine said during a press conference.

“We have verified that they are closing the door,” he said. ‘The door did not lock. We know that and now researchers are investigating why it is not closed. ‘

Investigators confirmed the detail through additional video images viewed since a May 27 press conference when authorities first said the door had remained open.

But those days of implied guilt took a toll on Marin, who, according to Flanary, had experienced “the most horrible thing anyone could have endured.”

“She felt alone, as if she could not even grieve,” Flanary told CNN, “She counseled herself in the second place, like ‘did I not do that?’ ‘

A memorial service for the 21 victims of the May 24 massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas

The police line is blocking access to Robb Elementary School after the May 24 mass shooting

‘She heard every gunshot,’ he said, ‘she was standing in the middle of it. She is as much a victim as anyone who survives in it. ‘

Flanary said investigators made a point to let Marin know she was not responsible once they looked at security footage.

“No, we saw the video, you did nothing wrong,” investigators told Marin, according to Flanary.

But those days between guilt and release took their toll on Marin, who tells Flanary that she seeks neurological treatment to shake constantly.

Despite her suffering, Flanary said Marin has no plans to take legal action against the school, school district or police.

Flanary, however, assists Marin in a potential civil lawsuit against the maker of the weapon used in the attack, Daniel Defense. A petition was filed Thursday to investigate whether there is any reason to file a lawsuit against the company.

Uvalue primary education is traumatized after police wrongly said they kept the door open for shooters

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