“Unrealistic Possibility”: Rapid rise of sima from farmland practice to Arsenal tie | Slavia Prague

AAt the end of the harsh winter in South Bohemia, the upper layers of European football were rarely visible in the distance. Abdullah Shima was 18 when he arrived at FC Taborsco. Then, in the third tier of the Czech Republic, just before Covid-19 stopped playing. I stayed in a rural apartment and had little to do except by train. So, for the first two months of Shima, he spent the first two months on a flat farmland surrounded by piles of chopped wood, kicking the ball between his former soccer coach and Korn. hotel.

But Thursday night, Shima will be at Emirates Stadium and will be one of the most acclaimed young forwards.when Slavia Prague He took him from Taborsco last July, but he hasn’t played in the match yet and the move was considered a punt. Shima will start with Czech champion B team and will sink or swim from there. Slavia Hierarchy He wouldn’t need such an important adaptive spell.

They were right. By September, Shima had appeared late from the bench of Jindrich Torpisovsky’s impressive team. By November, he had scored an important Europa League goal against Nice on his first start. And by February 25, he had achieved his 15th goal of the season. Against Leicester This confirms the last 32 Slavia surprise wins.

“His potential is unrealistic,” Trpisovsky said after looking at Shima’s score against Opaba five months ago. “It’s going to skyrocket. I’m not worried it’s going to get worse.” It was an amazing journey until the age of 17 for Shima, who was playing local football in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. French club Tonon Evian has found him attending the academy at the amateur FC Medina. At that point, he will burn such a rapid path upwards.

Many African footballers are successful in Europe. Many find themselves failing and being dumped in their backwaters. Shima’s forced break on the farmland around Tabor was not a good omen on the outside, but his trajectory was carefully planned. Evian, who temporarily burned brightly in League One, are now moving around in the lower leagues of France, but considered themselves a finishing school and worked closely with Shima’s agent Daniel Chrysostorm. Chrysostom has long identified the Czech Republic as a place where promising young African players can offer something different at an advanced level, rather than risking a stalemate in the French system. He believes Shima can move forward, and Taborsco, who had already sold another client, Sheikh Conde, to top-class Fastaf Zulin was happy to seize the opportunity.

Abdullah Shima will face Hapoel Beer Sheva in this season’s Europa League group match. Photo: Martin Divíšek / EPA

Slavia scouts first noticed Shima when he ran the length of the pitch to score a solo goal with Victoria Zizkov in a friendly match after the blockade. He then scored twice in a similar match against Slavia B, and the transfer debate quickly accelerated. When he left, Shima spent only six months in Taborsco.

Those with a deep interest in Slavia wonder how far Shima can go, like Torpisovsky. He joined the undefeated team in the country directly in 13 months, making him one of the most interesting and dynamic teams in Europe. Shima can play on the front line and is most commonly deployed on the right wing. His intellect in the press turned his head internally, but his range of finishes most excites the onlookers. At 6 feet 2 inches, it leap at an astonishing timing and pose a threat in the air, but the ability to find space, sniff out opportunities, and transform leads to rapid progress from the Czech League, people around It is an attribute that I believe in.

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“We know about the summer offer,” Slavia president Jaroslav Tovrdik recently told the Czech media, and there is a suggestion that the club can ask for about £ 25m. It is understood that Premier League clubs are paying close attention. West Ham, who has effectively signed two Slavia players, Tomáš Souček and Vladimir Kufar, is linked, Europa league The quarterfinals may also be a good time for Arsenal. Arsenal will have to deal wisely in the coming months and can take advantage of the versatile young forwards to look to the near quarters.

To please his large family back in Dakar, Shima won the first two caps in Senegal during a recent international break. It’s a sharp rise, and while transfer speculation would hit an enthusiastic pitch if he added to Mikel Arteta’s headache, there is recognition that Slavia will make a good home. Well-developed and well-selling in recent years, West Ham’s Souček is the most famous example and has become a vibrant and fascinating presence on the continental stage under Torpisovsky.

“It would definitely be better for him to be here,” Torpisovsky said in December. Slavia may eventually receive an offer that cannot be rejected. So far, they want Shima to help only in his second semi-final appearance in Europe, and in the process, the weeks of hardship in the countryside look like a distant memory than ever before.

“Unrealistic Possibility”: Rapid rise of sima from farmland practice to Arsenal tie | Slavia Prague

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