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Unorientated Ricky Fowler calls the LIV Golf version “interesting”

Ricky Fowler confirmed to reporters that LIV Golf had approached him to play on his new tour, saying he had not decided whether to pursue it.

“To be clear with you guys, I definitely did not make a decision one way or another,” Fowler said ahead of this week’s PGA Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “I mentioned before, do I think the PGA Tour is the best place to play now? I think it could be better. Yes. So I think that’s an interesting position.

Fowler said he was in favor of competition, calling it “the driving force behind our game.” Moreover, he said, the LIV Golf Invitational Series, plus one newborn competitor known as the Premiere Golf League, is emerging as they see an opportunity to capture the interest of golfers.

Fowler, 33, did not say whether he had applied for release after attending his LIV debut in London next month.

“I try to learn as much as I can,” he said. “I have no obligation in one way or another. It is clear that last week the statement was made that they do not give any freedom. I think many people thought that being the first to leave the country might not be a problem. It is obvious that it would be more when it entered the USA “

LIV, led by CEO Greg Norman, kicks off this summer with an eight-event schedule that includes a total of $ 255 million in prizes. The Saudi-sponsored golf league has sparked controversy in recent months.

At one point, Norman sent a public letter to the PGA Tour stating that it could not refuse its golfers, whom he described as “independent contractors,” to play where they wanted, which Fowler said on Tuesday.

“One thing for me, or I would say, we are not independent contractors.” Fowler said. “For us, as in the case of competition, if there were other leagues or tours, or what could happen, would the tour continue to be the best place to play, the boys would come, play, be on tour, but there are options. go play one event if you want. I think there should be some clarity if you are an independent contractor or mainly an employee. ”

Fowler added that his touring peers want to know what the consequences will be if they play in London without being released. PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan reportedly told a group of players in February that those interested in LIV should “get out of that door now”, hinting that they would not be allowed to play there or in the PGA Tour. :

A favorite of longtime fans, Fowler is trying to rebuild his old horse, fighting for his first major title in the state where he was filmed in college. Oklahoma finished eighth at the PG Championship a year ago but missed out on the 2021 FedEx Cup playoffs.

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Unorientated Ricky Fowler calls the LIV Golf version “interesting”

SourceUnorientated Ricky Fowler calls the LIV Golf version “interesting”

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