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Unlock England: Will Boris Johnson’s Covid Gambling Reward? | Coronavirus

I Boris Johnson’s plan to unlock England has two major problems (Step-by-step: How England’s Covid blockade is lifted,February 22). First, it’s about data, not dates, but the plan has dates that people set on stones despite warnings, and there are no quantifiable goals for the database that must be met before each stage progresses. Deaths, hospitalizations, and infections need not be less than a certain amount, so at the right time, even if the data do not justify it, he continues to be exposed to political pressure from the wings of madness.

Second, he plans to remove all social restrictions from June before all adults are vaccinated. Imagine what could happen as a result of hundreds of unvaccinated young adults dancing in a poorly ventilated and crowded nightclub. And these outbreaks spread to families, and even if vaccinated, they do not receive 100% protection. This is incredibly dangerous.
David Murray
Aldershot, Hampshire

• your editorial “Isn’t it good to insure against the worst consequences by eradicating the virus with a zero-covid strategy? The answer is certainly yes, Prime Minister” (February 22). of course. This is not just a blockade, as aiming for Zero Covid means local tracking and tracking, effective quarantine, a safe workplace, and financial support for those who have to stay home. That means supporting workers’ organizations for health and safety and listening to trade union warnings. This represents the end of a hostile environment that emphasizes long-term social security guarantees, tenant protection against evictions, and barriers to recovery. That is, zero Covid, zero poverty and inequality.
John Nicholson

•• Boris Johnson I created a two-layer system for holidays. School Easter holiday dates are split, with some educational authorities starting on March 26 and returning to school on April 12, while others starting on April 2 and April 19 I will be back. Therefore, the latter group of people can enjoy a week-long self-catering holiday from April 12th, but the former people cannot. It seems unfair. Is this what Boris intended? If you’re just checking out the schools he knows, Eaton belongs to the latter group.
Mike Taylor

• The government puts the Shield family in a sly position. My son will return to school two months before his clinically very vulnerable husband takes the antibody on his second vaccination, but he will be fined if he does not. I would love to know if the Prime Minister taught me how to make the shield work in a small house with a 6 year old and a baby.
Catherine Konron

• Boris Johnson’s disturbed mop is like an honor badge. He wants us to know that we are suffering as much as we are. Hair clippers are easily available and effective. He was able to omit the dedicated roughing and have a tidy and compelling look. At the moment he is neither.
Sally Salvesen

• The unlocking plan shows that starting March 8th, two friends will be allowed to meet for coffee outdoors. I wonder when the same opportunity will be given to two tea drinkers.
John Matin

Unlock England: Will Boris Johnson’s Covid Gambling Reward? | Coronavirus

Source Unlock England: Will Boris Johnson’s Covid Gambling Reward? | Coronavirus

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