Universal Credit Rage as Street Poverty Rise 141% – 5.5 Million British Hits as Profit Reduction | UK | News

It is estimated that 5.5 million low-income households were affected by the cut Universal credit A ridge that goes into effect on October 6 and reduces the annual income of those affected by £ 1,040. This, coupled with the end of the temporary severance plan, is projected to push more than 500,000 people below the poverty line.

Before the pandemic, the UK was already facing a homeless crisis, with the number of people sleeping on the streets increasing 141% from 2010, with universal credit increases and the end of the “Everyone In” campaign, which is next. It looks like. Expected to be even higher.

Judge Gurpaal Singh, Founder and CEO Lotus Sanctuary, States as follows. “Now that we have relaxed all the blockade restrictions and returned to some normal state, the plans that provided essential support to vulnerable people across the country have also been reduced. . “

Lotus Sanctuary is a community interest company whose purpose is to accommodate and empower vulnerable people facing the homeless.

The company was originally founded to help women escape domestic violence, but now supports people from a variety of backgrounds.

Founded in 2018, the organization aims to support and accommodate 1,000 vulnerable people across the UK and provide 10,000 beds by 2023.

The judge said: “Before the pandemic started, I received about 25 to 30 referrals a month.

“During the first blockade, this number increased to 75-90 referrals.

“In the last three months, we have received 175-200 referrals each month.

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The judge said the first surge in access to Lotus Sanctuary services was between April and June 2020, and this increase was only a referral to domestic violence.

Refuge, a charity that helps women and children escape domestic violence, reported a 61% increase in calls to the domestic abuse hotline since the pandemic began.

The judge also criticized the end of the “Everyone In” program, which allegedly accommodated 37,000 homeless people during the pandemic.

He said: “What happens to those people when the plan is nearing its end?”

The judge said the Lotus Sanctuary has already been contacted by the local governments in the two regions in which it operates, requiring approximately 200 beds in each region.

He states: “People who received help during the pandemic, and now they have lost support and have no choice but to return to the street.”

“We are preparing for an influx of referrals in the coming months when the funds to accommodate these people are completely depleted.”

Judges believe that society needs to be re-educated about the homeless and to investigate the causes and consequences of why someone is sleeping wildly.

He states:

“‘Ordinary people’ are homeless without reliable support.”

Universal Credit Rage as Street Poverty Rise 141% – 5.5 Million British Hits as Profit Reduction | UK | News

SourceUniversal Credit Rage as Street Poverty Rise 141% – 5.5 Million British Hits as Profit Reduction | UK | News

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