Understanding CBD Oil For Cats

If you are like me then upon first hearing the words CBD or Hemp when referring to an all-natural and organic plant you can easily get confused, or even think they are the same ingredient which is why reading on in this article we will hopefully make things a bit clearer.

To get you started you can also take a quick moment to read herehttps://www.quora.com/Is-CBD-oil-the-same-as-hemp-oilto give you some indication into the topic and set the foundation for the information to follow.

Over the road.

I was introduced to CBD or also referred to as Cannabidiol when we moved to our new home in the village, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city (and 100 times quieter too). The neighbors have been friendly and we are slowly getting to no more residents down the unevenly paved roads.

The family across the way which consists of the elderly parents, both children and their families, a cat and a dog were the first to introduce themselves and welcome us to the area.

We are quite social people so were happy to get to know others as soon as we could, even more so because we both – my husband and I – grew up in countries where friends, family, and neighbors just show up unannounced, stay for dinner or drinks, and leave whenever they wanted to, this was the norm. And we love it.

My son initially introduced me to their kitty while he sat on the front door steps playing with her while waiting for everyone to get in the car, and she was too cute. She had a coat as thick as a winter’s outfit and I was surprised to see how ‘healthy’ she appeared.

Most likely because my fair share of seeing the stray animals in the area looking weathered and haggard had imprinted an image in my mind to be the standard. I made a mental note to compliment the owners when next I saw them and headed out for the day with the family.

Finding out.

Chatting to the wife one morning she told me that they had been using CBD capsules and oil for their dog for years and recently began introducing it into their cats’ diet.

Initially, they had used hemp oil which if you didn’t know is when the hemp seeds are pressed (essentially squashed) and the oil is squeezed out. This oil contains a host of different ingredients from minimal THC if any, CBD, and omega vitamins and minerals.

The results were great but the shelf life was not, and on more occasions than they would have liked they had to throw their stock away, and so they relooked into it and opted to change to CBD where they would still benefit from the effects they were used to.

When we talk about CBD we are referring to an oil that has been extracted from the various parts of the hemp plant – stalk, flowers, and leaves and converted into a concentrated liquid for use in a vast number of products. To understand more about those extraction methods look at this link and this way you will see not only why each is used in different ways but the more technical side and seeing the process.

While it can become complicated the further you look into it, simply knowing no chemicals or toxic preservatives are used in what we call ‘full-spectrum’ products makes the use of the ingredient so much more worthwhile and sought after.

CBD cat safety.

The big question on everyone’s mind is, is it safe for your pet cat or animals in general, and in simple terms, the answer is yes.

Finding the right product for your cat is vital in ensuring you are not only giving them the correct dosage of CBD via the recommended amount based on their statistics but that the supplier you purchase from is legal and keeping up with correct farming standards and regulations.

Do your homework and research, check out the company’s website, and better yet the comments and reviews section to see what customers who have purchased from them previously have to say. It is also a good indication of the quality of the product you are looking to buy and if it is a reliable and trusted source.

You want a product where the ingredient has been derived from hemp plant and not a cross-bred hybrid where the bare minimum of CBD can be traced. Farmed using the most popular extraction method – carbon dioxide – you want peace of mind no chemicals or pesticides have been used, and this method also results in the least amount of residue at the end.


Cover all your bases before jumping into a large purchase of what could end up being a low-grade CBD product. You will waste your money and your cat will not take advantage of the wonders CBD has been offering to other pet owners with much success.

Read the label, check the ingredients, and ensure that the bottle or packaging states the source of origin and the concentration content of CBD per dosage. If these are not easily accessible it should raise a red flag and your best option would be to keep researching and save your money for a reputable supplier.

We have the responsibility of caring and looking after our pets to the best of our ability and to give them the quality of life they deserve, is it not?


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