Underaged Sports Betting and Gambling in Australia

Without a doubt, people have been interested in playing for centuries. And the more is put at stake, the more intriguing and appealing the process seems. Gambling is available in divergent forms, so the majority of its formats are accessible for customers, regardless of their gender, age, or occupation.

However, when it comes to youngsters and teenagers, all activities that involve money enhance the vulnerability of their childhood period. Problems that are caused by gambling and active sports betting can be traced in any country, and Australia isn’t an exception in this case. To ensure any warning signs of such a problem, it is a must to be aware of its patterns, even if you are completely non-engaged in the process. Although any sports betting site is assigned to limit access to their services to underaged consumers, the responsibility doesn’t lie on them entirely. The more information you possess, the easier it is for your to prevent and solve this problem.

Legal Gambling Age in Australia

When it comes to your legal access to Australian betting apps and websites, you shouldn’t be under eighteen years old. Although local solutions ask to signify future customers’ age during the registration process and are later to verify the provided information commonly, there is still a high percentage of those who feel adventurous to break the rules.

From region to region, the age of criminal responsibility varies in Australia. Since it is hard to define whether a person’s action has been influenced by outer factors or it should be related to a fully responsible adult. The prosecution may differ, but it will be present in any “caught” case — such problem gamers are usually subject to supervision, court-ordered measures, and fines.

Another reason why the gambling age starts at eighteen is that a child/juvenile isn’t mature enough to analyze the offered betting sign up bonus system, free bets online, and other deals that may turn out to be not as luxurious and beneficial as they seem at first. At this vulnerable and sensitive period, the risks of getting addicted to making punts are incredibly high.

Are the IGA Regulations Enough?

With the prevailing appliance of internet-based and smart digital technologies, the degree of adolescents advertised to sports betting marketing is only enhancing. To prevent the future negative consequence of events, there are legal prohibitions to publicly publish any enticing introductions to the gambling services. The Interactive Gambling Act 2001 regulates this field heavily, including both land-based and online establishments.

These laws help customers perceive sports betting in its true nature — the attitude to it shouldn’t be something more than amusement, and approaching it as a financial betterment strategy, an advantageous long-term investment, or a way to solve any budget-related issues is going to be punished by governmental authorities.

But is it all the required means to prevent teenage gambling problems? Beforehand troubleshooting starts in families, and your communication with children should including the following practices:

  • Although such a topic may seem unrelated to your particular case, it is highly important to make sure your kid is well aware of the situation and risks. A simple prohibition to check sports betting applications and similar programs may cause the opposite effect, so explanations on how gambling functions are a must.
  • Gambling may become a way for adolescents to escape reality. And since there are many opportunities to do so thanks to mobile solutions and 24/7 access to these services, parents and interested parties have to be attentive and check if there are any behavior warning signs. Once again, creating a solid communication channel between you and the kid will help you know more about their daily activities and problems. As a solution, encouraging your precious ones to extracurricular entertainment will come in handy to release the stress, get rid of boredom, and create happy moments spent together with family or friends.

If you hesitate about your skills to work on the problem once it is discovered, there are several online and offline institutions with professional experts that are going to assist you in solving such issues. Anyway, gambling and its relation to earning real money can be transformed into more beneficial fun- and fund-receiving solutions with the help of care and support at the parents’ side.


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