Ulrika Johnson accuses “stupid” Katie Price after barely avoiding prison terms

Ulrika Johnson Said Katie Price Is “stupid” and needs to act more responsibly for his disabled son Harvey.

Katie, the mother of five former glamor models, went to jail this Thursday after pleading guilty to drunk driving, disqualified driving, and uninsured driving after an accident near her home in Sussex in September. I barely escaped.

Katie was sentenced to 12 months with a suspended sentence of 16 weeks and a suspended sentence of 12 months. In other words, you will not face imprisonment as long as you meet certain conditions set by the judge.

TV host Ulrika, 54, blames Katie’s actions and takes more responsibility for her children, including 19-year-old Harvey, who has many long-term conditions, including autism. Say it should be.

Ulrika Johnson accuses Katie Price after barely escaping prison

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“Being a mother of a child with a disability does not give you the discretion to act with such irrationality and stupidity,” Ulrika said in an editorial. Sun..

“I’m the mother of a child with a congenital heart disease, and I can’t expect to sympathize with the behavior of human lessons on its own,” she added.

Ulrika’s 21-year-old daughter Bo was born with a heart defect And earlier this year, he was taken to the hospital for testing.

The former gladiator presenter continued to be furious at the star’s free walk from court “just by tapping on the surgically enhanced behind.”

She called the reality star’s actions “damaging, unstable and misconduct,” and previously praised the reality star, but said her lack of responsibility left her “calm.”

She also accused Katie of her trip to Las Vegas with her fiancé Carl Wood shortly after being treated in Priority. I can afford it), she went to Las Vegas with her toy boy’s fiancée. Eye-catching; on your face; “do what you want”

Ulrika said Katie should be more responsible for her eldest son Harvey

She added: Showed humility. discretion. After a shocking and turbulent era, some may have thought of being around to hug and reassure their children, but it may just be an archaic and archaic concept. .. “

Ulrika has completed her bitter work. “Whatever happens after this episode, we can only expect it to make a positive difference in her life, but I don’t expect it, as an example.”

The day after the decision, Katie broke the silence and promised to work on her future mental health.

A former glamor model used her Instagram story to share her statement and tell 2.6 million followers: A friend who has supported me for the past few months. “

She went on to explain that she understood the dangerous situation she was in. “It was a really difficult time. I am very sorry for my actions. I am deeply grateful that no one was injured. It may have caused me as well as other family members. “

Katie barely avoided going to jail for drunk driving earlier this week

After that, Katie promised to continue working on mental health. “I’m spending time improving now. Mental health is a hidden illness that can be attacked at any time.

“The triggers that cause my anxiety and behavior are what I am trying to learn to understand, understand, and control my progress.

“This is a long process for me and I will continue to work on it, and I will be able to work with my family and move on to new chapters together.”

Thank you to Katie, a fan recently. Put on a unified front with fiancé Carl Woods , Added: “Thank you for all the messages of goodwill I received.

“I will continue to work with my loved ones, surrounded by my loved ones and friends, because it will entertain me and help my mental health. Thank you everyone.”

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Ulrika Johnson accuses "stupid" Katie Price after barely avoiding prison terms

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