UK’s digital health innovators given major boost on the global stage with new campaign

The UK’s leading digital health innovators are to get a global boost with a new campaign that showcases their talents to healthcare systems across the world.
Major health tech bodies have come together to support ‘The First 100’, which features some of the
UK’s most impressive digital health companies and aims to provides a well-researched credible
playbook for international healthcare organisations and governments to call upon to get support for
their needs.
Each of the 100 companies has a proven track record of benefiting the lives of healthcare
professionals and patients in the NHS and private health sector. They include innovators who have
underpinned the country’s response to COVID- 19, and others whose ground-breaking technology
can address the issues facing healthcare systems across the globe.
Organisations listed include Foundry4, the company that remotely delivered the UK’s COVID-19
home testing service in just eight days, DrDoctor, a patient engagement platform provider which is
used by over 30 NHS trusts and has supported at-scale healthcare staff vaccination programmes and
IMMJ Systems which has provided digitised records via the cloud, to enable numerous NHS trusts to
deliver virtual clinics during the pandemic.
Such organisations are likely to be instrumental in helping healthcare providers across the world,
deal with the looming backlog in care. They can also provide the foundation for the digitised
healthcare future where remote monitoring, patient apps, AI and augmented reality become the
The campaign is backed by Healthcare UK, European Connected Health Alliance (ECHA), Association
of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI), Scottish Development International, Innovate UK, HIMSS and
Silver Buck.
Hassan Chaudhury, Digital Health Specialist, Healthcare UK, who is leading the campaign said:
“The UK is at the forefront of transforming healthcare services by using digital solutions to prevent,
diagnose, manage and treat illnesses more effectively, as well as putting solutions in the hands of
“The First 100 articulates the exportable strengths that the UK has in health tech and showcases
those that stand out for being tried and tested and most importantly, making a difference across one
of the most complex health systems in the world, during its most challenging time. They’ve
supported health and care professionals and patients in dealing with everyday issues and can
undoubtably benefit other countries looking to solve problems to everyday health and care
The chosen companies went through a rigorous vetting process, which assessed the global
uniqueness of their innovation, responsiveness, track record of collaboration, successes within the
NHS, and their ability and commitment to export and actively seeking international expansion.
Rachel Murphy, CEO of Foundry4 said: “The past year has created a need to think differently, even
radically, in the way we all approach healthcare – from creating patient facing services, workforce-
based solutions, and using data in a more effective way. It’s incredibly powerful to be recognised for
the contribution we’ve made to healthcare in doing just that.”

Tom Whicher, CEO of DrDoctor said: “Digital patient engagement is the key to sustainable
healthcare. We have seen through COVID-19 how shifting to digital first care can help healthcare
systems across the world with their toughest ever test; now there is the opportunity to not just
survive, but thrive. It is hugely welcome that UK technology is being showcased through the First 100
Playbook, so the country’s vibrant digital health community can showcase its talents to our global
peers as healthcare providers face similar challenges in the months and years ahead.”
Healthcare UK is also creating a ‘25 Ones to Watch List’, which feature companies such as Cellen,
which launched the first online chronic pain clinic and Pep Health, a company working with the NHS
to use AI to collate real-time patient experience insights from over 10 million comments a year on
social media, forums and surveys.
Mark Lomax, CEO of Pep Health said: “With healthcare under tremendous pressure globally it has
never been more important to understand in real-time what patients think. We know that by going
directly to where patients are already talking about services we can identify areas of strength and
weakness and help to measure care variability. This type of technology is easily transferable to
international markets such as the US, so it’s fantastic to be recognised by this campaign.
To access the First 100 UK Digital Health Companies , visit: fully live at 9am 24/02/21):

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