Ukrainian War: Troops launch Russian drone with UK-made missile, saying ‘thank you Britain’ | World news

Ukrainian troops cheer and celebrate after shooting down a Russian drone with a British-made rocket, new video shows.

In footage shared online, a Ukrainian soldier is seen firing a laser-guided rocket into the air. After apparently hitting the target – although this is not shown in the video – loud cheers are heard, with the soldier being seen with his fingers to the drone.

In a message, shared next to the clip, the soldier said: “This is the greeting of Ukrainian paratroopers [to] Boris Johnson. Thank you, Britain. We use the support of allies effectively. “

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He ended up encouraging the West to provide “more” equipment to the country with battle scarecrows – a plea that has been repeated by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during the war.

The video was shared through an account linked to the Ukrainian army.

A military analyst from Janes identified the launcher to Sky News as a British-made Martlet LMM (Lightweight Multirole Missile) Tube.

The UK has sent several packages of military aid to Ukraine, with the most recent £ 100m announced just days ago as Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Kiev.

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told Sky News over the weekend that the Ukrainian military Mastiff would get heavily armored patrol cars, weighing 23 tonnes and carrying eight troops and two crews.

It’s the first time the UK has sent armored cars to Ukraine. It is understood that they will be stripped of sensitive equipment and may help to reach offensive operations near Russian lines.

The United Kingdom has provided several packages of military support to Ukraine. Photo: MoD

The Mastiff was designed to withstand improvised explosive devices (IEDs) during the Afghan war.

Starstreak anti-aircraft missiles, 800 anti-tank missiles, helmets and night vision goggles will be included in the UK’s latest shipment, in addition to 200,000 items already distributed.

In March, the UK sent 6,000 defensive missiles to Ukraine to support “increase”.

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It comes as Mr Zelenskyy warned that thousands of people may have been killed in the port city of Mariupol.

“Mariupol has been destroyed, there are tens of thousands dead,” he told the South Korean parliament.

But despite such enormous losses, the Russians “do not stop their offensive,” he added.

A top official of the European Union has said that Russian troops – who have now withdrawn from northern Ukraine – are gather to attack the eastern region of Donbas.

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Josep Borrell said: “I am afraid that the Russian troops in the east are massaging to launch an attack on the Donbas. The Ukrainians are very aware of that.

“So, I’m afraid the next day the war on the Donbas will escalate.”

President Zelenskyy said next week would be “exciting”, with Russia “even more afraid of losing … afraid the truth will have to be admitted”.

Ukrainian War: Troops launch Russian drone with UK-made missile, saying ‘thank you Britain’ | World news

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